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Anxiety Free Dentistry Without Drugs or Without Going to Sleep

Posted by Robert Johnson on Wed, Aug 14, 2013

Bob Johnson DMD

dental anxietyWhen it comes to sitting in the dental chair anxiety takes many forms- sweating, a queezy stomach or worse.   Yet most people have some form of dental anxiety when it comes to dental appointments.

Unfortunately, many people take the easy way out by avoiding the dentist altogether.  That comes with great risk as most dental problems get worse by avoiding them. 

Severe dental infections, great pain and severe tooth, gum or jaw bone damage can result from avoiding your dental health problems.

The dentists at National Integrated Health Associates offer a safe, simple, healthy, low cost solution to dental anxiety.

Being put to sleep or taking dangerous drugs (Valium, Librium) to have your dentistry performed has definite financial and health risks.  Doctors who put patients to sleep to manage anxiety are charged considerably more for liability insurance because of the extra risk associated with this type of anesthesia.

The Dental Team at NIHA has developed a anxiety free dental protocol which totally relaxes the most anxious of patients.

ADRENAL CORTICAL EXTRACT gives your adrenal glands (main stress fighting glands in the body) enough raw nutrients to handle most stresses including complex dental stress.

Add to this GABA which assists your brain to become stress free.  In addition select cases may use NITROUS OXIDE and the homeopathic RESCUE REMEDY for added stress relief.

The combination has made all our extremely anxious patients including children as young as 8 and above very relaxed and able to receive dental treatment.

If you have dental anxiety, mild to severe in intensity, contact our Dental Team at NIHA to discuss your options.  We encourage you to not avoid your necessary and preventive dental treatments.  NOW you have no excuses.  Holistic Family Dentistry

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dental_anxietyRobert Johnson, DMD, is a biological dentist at National Integrated Health Associates. He specializes in the use of biocompatible dental materials for all aspects of biological dentistry, mercury amalgam removal, dental surgery, ceramic dental implants and orthodontics.

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