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What I Wish (Conventional) Doctors Would Say...

Posted by Lisa Wilson CHC on Wed, Jul 31, 2013

Lisa Wilson CHC

raw_food_instituteWhat I wish  ((conventional)) doctors would say:

Listen, you've been diagnosed with cancer that took you years to grow in your body. We could have your breasts off by the end of the day tomorrow & your ovaries (or any body part) out on Monday, but really, what is the rush? I want you to take 2-3 weeks with your family to consider all of your options... and there are many.

First, I would like you to read these books:
1. Cancer, Step Outside the Box
2. Outsmart your Cancer
3. The Only Answer to Cancer
4. The Living Food
5. Cancer Free 
6. Knockout
7. Adios cancer

Then I want you to watch these videos:
1. Cut, Poison & Burn
2. Cancer Free 
3. The Burzynski Movie
4. Forks Over Knives
5. The Forbidden Cures
6. The Beautiful Truth 
7. Run From the Cure

I want you to look into the best holistic clinics both here, in Mexico & in Europe.  NIHA in Washington DC,  is a great US leader in this field.   There are great options.... much better than our outdated system can offer you. While there are 2 or 3 cancers that do respond to chemotherapy, for most people, it is just poison. Even if it does shrink your tumors, the chemo may result in death. In rare cases, say 10%, chemo is useful to shrink advanced cancers, just to buy time for the holistic means to work. However, it will not rebuild your cells, your body, or your immunity. In fact, the chemo may destroy your cells beyond repair. If you do choose chemotherapy, you may consider IPT, or low dose chemo. This is extremely targeted & goes directly to the tumor, because it is attached to a sugar molecule. Sugar feeds cancer, so please avoid all sugars. A cancer cell has 23 times the number of sugar receptors than a normal cell. This is why IPT works. The sugar goes directly to the cancer cell & delivers the chemo to where it is needed. It is rarely used in hospitals, well..... you can imagine why. 10% of the chemo is also, just 10% of profits.

There is also plant wisdom. Plant intelligence knows how to knock out rogue cells, but keep healthy cells in tact. So while you are making your decisions, drink plenty of green juice, eat lots of salad, get some sunshine, get some fresh air, do some deep breathing, laugh, play, hug & study. This is going to take a dramatic lifestyle change. Attend The Raw Food Institute if you don't know how to sprout, juice, eat well & cultivate health. I will be here for you & I want you to make the BEST decisions for you..... You can do this!!!!

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Lisa Wilson
The Raw Food Institute, Founder & Director

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