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Finally...Help for Blood Sugar and Carbs with Transglucosidase

Posted by admin on Thu, Aug 01, 2013


I have been a subscriber to LIFE EXTENSION magazine for many years now, and have gleanedtransglucosidase much useful information over that time.

I believe that a recent article will prove to be of great importance to  most of us who are fighting to maintain a healthy weight, in spite of a  commitment to proper diet and exercise.  We live in a world that seems to be changing the food supply faster than we can keep up, and many of those changes appear to be part of a nefarious plot against that goal!

It is becoming increasingly expensive to find organic, non-processed foods, and the time to properly and tastily prepare them.  Furthermore, so many healthful foods are rich in the essential nutrients, but also are high in complex carbohydrates [STARCHES], that cause us to exceed the ideal balances for our sedentary lifestyles, since they are broken down  to sugar [GLUCOSE] after they reach the intestinal tract, but fail to satisfy our desire for something sweet.  That craving is a form of addiction, which is only satisfied by having a constant supply for a “fix”.  While not as frowned upon in society as addiction to alcohol or drugs, there are many whispered comments about why that fat person is eating so much bread or potatoes or other starchy foods, or even worse – SUGAR!

As with any addiction, abstention is necessary to escape, but it can be challenging as a lifetime objective.  What if we could enjoy the healthful carbs and NOT get the peaks and valleys of the sugars derived from them?  Most  “Carboholics” experience mood swings as a result of the ups and downs of their blood sugar levels, as well as fatigue, headaches [including “migraines”], generalized aches and pains, [“fibromyalgia”], rashes, allergies, bowel and respiratory symptoms, brain fog – the syndrome referred to as “Hypoglycemia” or “Low blood Sugar”.

Trans-GLUCOSIDASE is a newly discovered ENZYME -- that when taken with starchy foods interferes with the natural digestive enzyme AMYLASE that splits the starch into the individual glucose molecules, and instead changes the starch into a natural form of DIETARY FIBER, that literally increases the BULK of the food, thus improving bowel function and allowing the carbs to be pooped out instead of absorbed!  Furthermore, excess glucose in the blood is converted into TRIGLYCERIDES and that is the stuff that is stored as belly fat!

A natural substance that increases dietary fiber and decreases the sugar content of normally ingested healthful carbohydrate foods and lowers body fat sounds too good to be true!




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