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Dr. Solomon Retiring After a Remarkable Career in Allergy and Environmental Medicine

Posted by admin on Tue, Jul 30, 2013

environmental_medicineBarbara Solomon M.D. will be retiring at the end of July after a remarkable career in environmental medicine.  


For the past 15 years we at NIHA have been honored to work with and be inspired by Dr. Solomon, a pioneer in her field and a gentle and gifted woman who has devoted her life to the art of medicine. We still hear on a regular basis, "Dr. Solomon saved my life," or, "Finally, someone who is able to help me." As Dr. Solomon says, "the reward of this work is that patients get better." And we have seen patients from all over the country get better, thanks to Dr. Solomon's care.


A native of California, Dr. Solomon attended medical school in the 1950's and was a pioneer as a female in the male dominated medical profession. Her early interest in allergy medicine stemmed from her own allergies and she strived to address the cause. She became a trailblazer in the field of allergy and environmental medicine and chemical sensitivities. Dr. Solomon's original research showing the efficacy between skin testing and the use of electrodermal screening (EAV biofeedback) for allergy testing and serum treatment was innovative and provided accurate results without the use of needles.


This forward thinking earned her a reputation as one of the most respected members of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, a professional organization of peers. Using Dr. Solomon's research, the AAEM advanced the understanding that there was a neutralizing dose of serum that turned off allergy symptoms and would often eliminate the allergy.


Barbara Solomon has always been physically active, taking Tai Chi classes and still scuba diving in her seventies. In retirement, Dr. Solomon will continue to play classical piano and pursue her love of her Mormon faith, music, reading and great movies.


Dr. Solomon continues to be an inspiring leader to other young women in the medical field. Autumn Frandsen, N.D. has been working closely with Dr. Solomon and will provide continuing care for Dr. Solomon's allergy patients.


Please join us in recognizing Dr. Solomon's passionate dedication and contribution to the medical field and wishing her the best in her well deserved retirement. She will be greatly missed!

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