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The Deconstructing Diabetes Program Results Are In!

Posted by admin on Wed, Jan 30, 2013

Anita Capizzi RN, CHC

imgresThe Deconstructing Diabetes Program  has just ended and boy, do I have great news!!

Everyone who participated in this program was able to reduce their fasting blood sugar level, all but one person were able to decrease their hemoglobin A1c level and ALL participants lost weight! That’s the power of their dedication to dietary and lifestyle changes that work!

Blood Sugar and A1c

Let me explain what A1c is:

Hemoglobin A1c, expressed as a percentage, is the measure of how much blood sugar has become permanently attached to a hemoglobin molecule. Why is that important? Since hemoglobin is part of a red blood cell and red blood cells generally turn over every 90 days, the A1c level provides a estimate of their blood sugar control over that period of time.

As I talk about in my class, there are many dangers of having high blood sugars for hours on end, day after day, year after year. When the internal organs and blood vessels of the body are constantly bathed with high blood sugar, damage occurs which can lead to heart disease, circulatory problems, heart attack, kidney disease and damage to the vessels of the eyes.

Learn How to Keep Blood Sugar Stable

Participants in the program learn how to create meals and snacks that keep the blood sugar stable and low. They receive instruction on how to lower blood sugar using whole nutrient dense foods, rejecting processed foods and eliminating sugar.

Stress can cause blood sugar to go up in a nano- second and so we have experiential learning involving meditation and physical activity to drive home the importance of practicing the stress relief that is right for you.

If you have pre-diabetes or diabetes, if you have known or suspected insulin resistance or if you just want to find out more about this program click DECONTRUCTING DIABETES.

The new program starts in March, 2013, OR sign up for my talk to learn more.

Learn more at my FREE TALK about the program, DECONSTRUCTING DIABETES

When: Sat., Feb 16 at 10 a.m. at NIHA

Where: National Integrated Health Associates, 5225 Wisconsin Ave NW, #402, Washington DC

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Anita Capizzi, RN, CHC, is a Registered Nurse, graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Certified Health Coach at National Integrated Health Associates, NIHA. Her philosphy is to meet people where they are and upgrade their level of holistic nutrition and wellness, one step at a time. Anita Capizzi conducts a 3 month group program for those with Type II diabetes or for diabetes prevention, called Deconstructing Diabetes.

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