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How to Create The Ultimate Salad

Posted by admin on Wed, Jan 09, 2013

Lisa Wilson CHC, Founder, The Raw Food Institute

The Ultimate Salad~ Take Your Salad to the Next Level
I would love to show you how to kick your salad up a notch!
Remember the days when it was just the lonely old salt & pepper shakers on the table?  
Well move over, I've got a whole lazy susan full of health to share with you! 
You can even make your own salad toppers:  Don't measure!  Just add to your liking.
1st:  Find a jar with holes in the top that you like.  
2nd:  Add super foods such as mixed dehydrate greens, chlorella, barley grass etc.
3rd:  Add a little sea salt, hemp seeds or sesame seeds
4th:  Mix with your spoon & place into your jar
5th:  Add jar to your lazy susan & use often to enhance your health
Other things to HEALTH-UP your lazy susan:
turmeric (natures anti-inflammatory)
cinnamon (aka:  poor mans insulin)
curry powder (powerful antioxidants & anti-inflammatory)
cayenne (stimulate the immune system)
sea salt (trace minerals & anti-microbial)
vitamin D (a quick drop under the tongue daily for longevity)
hemp seed shaker (protein & omega health)
sesame seed shaker
chia seed shaker
raw honey (mother natures immune builder)
bee pollen (allergy protection)
dehydrated, grated citrus peel (talk about healthy!;))
and more!  (get creative with what you love)
I hope this makes you look at your kitchen table in a whole new way!

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