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Family Systems Constellation, a Therapy Workshop at NIHA

Posted by NIHA Staff on Wed, Jan 09, 2013


How Do Past Generations Influence Your Life?

Can the Past Help Heal the Present?

What if a man’s addiction were really a search for connection with his father?

Suppose a suicidal woman was unconsciously trying to follow the fate of her aunt who had died at age two many years before the woman was born? What if a woman’s breast cancer were rooted in a loss of connection to her mother or her mother’s mother?

What if her cancer was a hidden desire to follow another family member who died of cancer? Why do people who adopt children often end up divorcing or lose all intimacy in their marriage? What if a man can’t form enduring relationships with women because his unconscious loyalty to his mother and father dictates otherwise?

Suppose a person’s chronic low back pain actually represents a need to show respect to another family member, usually their mother or father. What if the guilt a person feels really belongs to someone in a previous generation who was unable to deal with his or her own guilt?

The Hidden Dynamics of Family Systems
All of these situations represent possible hidden dynamics in people’s family systems that may unconsciously drive them toward the problem that they have. It should be understood that many different scenarios are possible for many conditions -- these are merely a few examples.

Obviously cancer, for example, has many physical causes, but there are usually hidden family dynamics that are operating as well. It is these hidden family dynamics that Bert Hellinger’s Family Constellations, the hallmark of his approach, reveal.

He has observed that there is an order to the way love flows in relationships and when that order is disrupted, it is often family members in subsequent generations who experience the consequences of this disruption. They unconsciously take on these consequences unknowingly integrating them into their lives, often with detrimental results.

Through the Family Constellation therapy a person is shown the true origin of the stated problem and new opportunities for disentanglement and resolution. The client can see and feel love flowing again in his or her family system and will no longer have to sacrifice personal health or well-being.    





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