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Derailing 3 Food Myths

Posted by admin on Fri, Apr 12, 2013

Lisa Wilson CHC

MYTH #1: “Food has no effect on what happens to my body.”

REALITY: HA! Disease does not just happen. The truth is that many of the disease that show up in the body we have been “working on” with poor diet and lifestyle choices for quite some time...likely years.

raw_food_at_NIHAMYTH #2: “I’ve already had my vegetables today, so now I can splurge.”

REALITY: Vegetables are a powerhouse on nutrients and healing antioxidants! They should be eaten liberally throughout the entire day. Look for new ways to “splurge.”

Start to reward yourself with new ways to splurge that do not include food- try a walk in nature, a relaxing soak in the tub, a massage, listening to uplifting music or tap into the artist within you by drawing or painting a picture. Soon glazed donuts won’t look so appealing!

MYTH #3: “I can eat that. It is just an empty calorie.”

REALITY: We sometimes get caught in this trap of believing that certain foods don’t really have any effect on our bodies whatsoever. Our society has labeled these, “empty calories.” The truth is there is no such thing as an empty calorie. Foods are either working for you or working against you. Sugary, processed and refined foods are most certainly working against you.

TIP: Whether you are healing from illness or disease, or trying to keep yourself in optimal
condition, it will be helpful to pay close attention to foods that heal you and foods that make
you feel good. Healing foods are the highest quality organic vegetables, fruits, whole grains that have been properly prepared, and meats from organic grass‐fed sources.

Your body loves you and wants to heal. Your job is to supply your body with the proper
tools to do the job well. EVERYTHING you put in your body affects you and your heath. Give
your body only the very best!

Don’t wait until you get sick to invest time and energy in yourself. Start making changes today.

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