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Finally... Affordable Guidance For Overcoming Candida Infections

Posted by admin on Wed, Nov 28, 2012

Eve Colantoni, CHC director of the NIHA Nutrition Team announces The Candida Healing Institute Home Study Program.
If you've been struggling to overcome a candida infection, now there is affordable guidance to help you overcome your health challenge.
Making major dietary and lifestyle changes can be a struggle for many, especially if you're already run down, lacking energy, focus and motivation.
But make the positive changes necessary to overcome a candida overgrowth doesn't need be difficult, especially if you have the right guidance to help you reach your goals.
In this video, Eve describes her own struggle with candida and the best way to overcome this problem regaining your health and happiness.
To learn more about the Candida Healing Institute Home Study Program visit:
BONUS -- Enroll by Nov. 30, 2012 and receive a seat in the upcoming "Overcoming Candida" Intensive Workshop.
PLUS -- Claim your FREE copy of Special Occasion Pleasures: Sweet Treats That Won't Sabotage Your Candida Cleanse! 


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