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3 Tips to Stay Warm Through the Winter- on RAW FOOD!

Posted by admin on Wed, Nov 07, 2012

Lisa Wilson CHC

TIP #1.  BLENDING RAW "SOUPS" in the Vitamix, or another high speed blender. It is really simple to do.  Just put your fresh veggies & spices into the vitamix, and blend.  High speed blenders are great, because they have the ability to break seeds, skins & roots down to the cellular level.  Therefore, the nutrients are easily digestible.  Blending vegetables is also a great way to get nutrients into someone who is having a difficult time digesting raw foods.  See books:  Rawvolution, Raw Food, Real World, etc for recipes.  Also see: for great recipes & snack ideas.  
This Raw Chili Recipe is delicious! Made with sprouted lentils, ripe tomatoes, and complimenting spices.
rawchili 215x175
TIP # 2. GO 'HIGH RAW' IN THE WINTER MONTHS.  If you are not in a healing crisis (which might require all the enzymes you can get), a high, or 'mostly' raw program may be right & appropriate for you!  People often enjoy something warm in the belly, just before bed, or at dinner time.  You might try a water saute of steamed asparagus, some lentil soup or even some steamed brussel sprouts. Each of these are delicious topped with sea salt, pepper, dulse flakes or tumeric.  
TIP # 3.  DRINK MEDICINAL WARMING TEA!  3 Immortals is one of my favorites.  I mix:  1 tsp of the reishi tea, 1/4 tsp of raw honey & 1/3 cup fresh almond milk.  Blend & enjoy.  To order: Other great teas are: cat's claw, pau d arco, green tea, white tea, yerba mate, dragon herb teas and more!  
Winter is the time to go inward.  Hibernate, if you will....  Build a fire, curl up with a good book, take a long winter walk, spend some time in silence & go to bed early!  Take a little time to spoil yourself silly.  Do a self pedicure, some deep stretches & breathing, do some skin brushing & follow that up with a long, warm bath.  
All of this reflection & goal setting will set you up to achieve your goals in the months to come!
You are amazing....  treat yourself accordingly!

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