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Posted by admin on Mon, Nov 12, 2012

Robert Johnson D.M.D.

Nature or Nurture?

The age old question: What really determines a person's genetic makeup?

Was a person’s genetic makeup or the environment in which they were raised more important in determining what a person became?

We now know that both factors play a critical role in a person’s eventual makeup, especially as it relates to overall health.

Identical twin studies (identical genetic makeup) in which twins were separated early in life showed that each twin developed differently while raised in different environments.  On the other hand, evaluations of segments of the genetic code show which splices of the genetic code are responsible for particular health issues.  Variations in these small splices will predispose you to particular variations of that gene.  For example, the “heart health genes” can make you more or less susceptible to the factors which ultimately cause heart disease.

Information is Key

Discovering what your susceptibilities are will allow you to take health actions to counteract your genetic proclivity.

We receive one set of genes from each of our parents.  Depending on the state (defective vs. functional) of the same gene from each parent will determine whether we will manifest a healthy gene expression or not so healthy one.

One example of this is if the sets of genes that code for detoxification are genetically defective or compromised you are more likely to be a poor detoxifier.  In other words, you will not get rid of your toxins well and the accumulation of toxins will cause certain illnesses or diseases resulting from retained toxins.

You Can Test for Genetic Susceptibility with Genomic Testing

The importance of this is that when you can test for the status of your genes you can determine if you have a predisposition for various illnesses.  When you know what illness(es) you are genetically susceptible to develop, you can take specific preventive actions to decrease the likelihood of acquiring that disease.  The other approach to defective or dysfunctional gene function is the developing science of gene manipulation.  Homeopathics are showing good potential with gene manipulation as a positive gene altering therapy.

There are several very important gene sequences that can be evaluated which are relevant to overall health.

Gene Activity Defect leads to
Removes homocysteine Heart disease  and other illnesses
Removes cholesterol and triglycerides Heart disease, strokes, liver disease, obesity, toxin accumulation
Family of genes involved in detoxification of many different types of toxins Cancers, low energy, fatigue, neurodegenerative diseases (MS, ALS)
Gene controlling inflammation and immune system competence Autoimmune disease, allergies, asthma, arthritis, osteoporosis, infections, heart disease

This just demonstrates the importance of knowing what your genes have in store for you.  When you know and understand what your gene message is you can slow, stop or reverse the gene expression and significantly lower your chances of getting that disease/illness.

This is the epitome of preventive medicine using a simple, inexpensive blood test.

If you are committed to a healthy, long life with little down time due to illness, genomic testing is critical.  If you would like more information, please contact us and Dr. Bob will get back to you.

Enjoy the journey! 


Dr. Bob Johnson D.M.D., F.A.G.D., practices at National Integrated Health Associates and has extensive experience in all aspects of biological dentistry, mercury amalgam removal, ceramic implants and orthodontics. As a naturopath, he has additional training in natural health and has a dedicated following for his popular blog, Optimal Health on a Budget.

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