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Good Health Habits Start Early in Life

Posted by admin on Mon, Dec 03, 2012

Robert Johnson DDS

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When I am in public I have this crazy habit of evaluating people’s health purely based on casual observation.  It is easy to evaluate obesity, inflammation of the face and a bit more difficult to evaluate people’s structure (e.g. scoliosis), premature aging, energy levels, alertness or brain chemistry.  Projecting what the next 20-40 years will bring to their health is also interesting.  This habit is really my training as evaluating people’s health requires not only lab tests but visual observations.

What is particularly troublesome is to look at the youth of today and realize there are so many children that are unhealthy at a young age. Equally disconcerting is to realize these children will likely become the chronically ill adults of tomorrow living profoundly compromised unhealthy lives, each costing the health care system tens of thousands of dollars.

Health is a Family Responsibility
What is frustrating for me as a health practitioner is that these unhealthy lifestyles, habits and physiologic health patterns are usually established early in life.  It is very difficult to change lifestyles, poor eating habits and unhealthy metabolism after childhood.  That is why it is the responsibility for each family, not the government, to focus on health and healthy lifestyles from birth through adolescence.  This would establish a healthy foundation on which to grow a healthy adult.

If your children have been shown healthy lifestyles, healthy eating habits and positive thought patterns while living in relatively healthy homes they will not only flourish as children but for the rest of their lives.

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