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How Does Internalized Trauma De-Rail Our Best Efforts to Heal?

Posted by admin on Mon, Nov 26, 2012

Maureane O'Shaugnessy

Examples of Blockages in the Body

(1) There are physically or emotionally traumatic events that can happen in anyone’s life, sometimes well before our conscious awareness has the ability to record the event in our memory banks, that stay within our hearts and the bodies’ cells – which left unresolved can prevent the body from healing or coming into balance, much, much later in life and exactly when we need it to.  Remarkably, even the events and stresses of our time in utero can affect us for a lifetime, or, the stresses and emotions of our parents during our time in the womb can imprint powerfully on us and re-assert themselves as blockages to our healing many years later.  Your body knows.  Your body holds all your secrets – secrets to healing and balance.  And once these negative imprintings are acknowledged and resolved, your body can respond with an expression of dramatic healing and rebalancing.  

(2) Sometimes traumas happen to us that are tragic and deeply disturbing.  This trauma is firmly lodged within our hearts, minds and even the cells of the body.  Many selfless and courageous individuals, with new and profoundly insightful understandings of how we humans store trauma, at what point within the traumatic event itself the paralytic trauma imprints within us and how it can subsequently be encouraged to be released, have developed skillful and effective techniques for transmuting and releasing these traumas from us at every level of our ‘being’ ie: our hearts, minds, cells, limbic brains and even our energy fields.

We Have the Potential to Heal

Trauma, while stored many places within our bodies including in the physical cells of our body, is also stored in our Limbic Brain.  We humans have no conscious access to our Limbic Brain! That’s the bad news.  The good news is that we now know our Limbic Brain, and the Cells of our Body, have NO IDEA whether what happened to us actually happened, or what we, as a result of applying these healing modalities of which I speak, recreate in terms of what happened.  Read that again.  We have the ability to ‘re-imprint’ our Limbic Brain and our Cells – and ultimately the other levels of our being where the traumatic event resides, including our energetic field.  When you think about it, that’s pretty darn exciting and it holds ‘ultimate quantum potential’ for healing – the ultimate potential to transmute and release energetically the trauma residing within us that can stall and even block our desired healing.  Wow.


Maureane O'Shaugnessy is a holistic practitioner specializing in natural empathic healing/Medical Intuitive. Maureane has devoted herself to the study and practice of complementary and alternative healing modalities for 30 years in both Canada and the US. Incorporating a methodology of healing that includes the triune of body, mind and spirit, Maureane has developed a healing process that identifies and releases energies and emotions that perpetuate trauma and ‘dis-ease’. She is a skilled facilitator adept at guiding and empowering patients towards their own healing.

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