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And the Winner is...The Raw Food Institute Scholarship Winners

Posted by admin on Wed, Jun 06, 2012

Lisa Wilson, CHC, CFT



I CAN’T DECIDE!!!!  SO I’LL PICK 3!!!!!!


My board of directors thinks I’ve lost my coconuts!  Maybe I have, or maybe I’m just happy summer is here.  

Here’s the thing....  When we announced this Elliott Fiedler scholarship opportunity, the letters and applications started to pour in!  IT WAS A BEAUTIFUL THING!!!  A great big THANK YOU to my sweet Elliott too, for putting this into motion!!!

I’ve spent a good amount of time pondering these letters.   

They were all so sincere, so beautiful and so moving to me.  I COULD NOT JUST PICK ONE!  





Each story is so moving.  Here is one of my favorite parts from the letter below:  “I believe this class will teach me so much to implement the raw food lifestyle.  I am so excited to some day take may be silly but this is my mid-life dream or the equivalent of a child’s dream to go to Disney World!” She compared this to a Disney World Fantasy!!!  That’s it--had to pick her!!!  Other reasons moved me as well for other people.


Again, I was so moved by each and every single letter.  THANK YOU to all those who applied, and have whispered into my heart....  I hope you have the chance to come someday too!!!!




Last Chance to Register for The Raw Food Institute Immersion Programs held in

Washington DC!




June 24-30

September 23-29

Call 202-643-HEAL to register for the next program!!


Congratulations to ALL the Winners! Read their stories:

Geena~  Winner #1:


Raw Food Immersion class is my dream!

Hi, my name is Geena and I cant’ tell you enough how inspired I am by the online information from the Raw Food Institute. I feel like an admirer from afar on the outside looking in.  I have learned green juicing from Lisa’s short video in the past 6 months, which took a lot of trial and error to make the process efficient and practical.  But now, I can’t go without my green juice each morning.  My body craves it.  Unfortunately, I am having trouble taking the lifestyle to the next level.  My repertoire consists of green/veggie salads and my green juice. I know the raw food lifestyle is so much more.  But, I have found seeking out the practicalities of raw food living challenging.  There are not as many resources out there, as there are for other types of cooking, healthful lifestyles.  You can’t call up mom or auntie for help in the kitchen.  Though, I hope this will change.  At this point, I need to feel it, see it, touch it.  I believe this class will teach me so much to implement the raw food lifestyle.  I am so excited to some day take may be silly but this is my mid-life dream or the equivalent of a child’s dream to go to Disney World!


What is challenging is the place of life I am in. I would like to bring my family along on this healthful journey, but I have so much to learn in terms of application. I am a 43yo married mom of 2 beautiful kids ages 6 and 8.  My resources tend to go to my kids.  It’s the mom dilemma in full glory....”I can’t spend that much on myself...not right now”.  The scholarship would make this dream a reality.  I am sure there are many worthy, but I wanted to try anyways.   In terms of personal health, I have always tried to live a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise (I love to run).  But there have been phases of not so healthy coke, gummy bears in college for lunch.  Not the most nutrient rich meals.  I wish I had known.   On a personal note, I have borderline high cholesterol (genetic issue) and had a breast cancer false alarm, as well as a colon polyp removed.  All since I turned 40.  Wow!  Needless to say this was a wake up call to something I thought I had figured out...a healthy lifestyle.  I believe the raw food diet is what my body needs.   I need to detoxify.  I plan to nourish and diminish the toxicities I put into my body.  I would be so grateful and honored to receive a scholarship.  My dream is to attend this course some day.   Thank you for the consideration.  



Rachel~  winner #2:

Lets see where do I start, My name is Rachel I am a mom of three boys and I have had non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma for 4 years now, They are just watching it, ( watching it grow) , it is a wait and see type of thing, I have scans all the time to see what is happening. In November of 2011 I decided to eat a raw vegan diet on my own, and wow the last scan showed one of the spots are gone and the others are all going down. 

I was amazed and kept eating this way. I feel terrific and want to tell the world my story. I feel that if I have some type of certification people may listen to be more.  I am foodie and always have been, I was vegan 2 years before I was diagnosed. Most of my life I have been eating vegetarian, and always doing detox diets to be well. I feel that the raw vegan life style should be known to everyone. I am so passionate about this I made a web site, a blog, and a group page on my FB, and I feel that if I got this scholarship I would be able to get through to people and help them.  I love un cooking and make some amazing creations.

A few years back I was attending Clayton College and was going for a degree in nutrition, I was in a car accident and got temporary amnesia, then came the cancer, so I filled for an extention, and now Clayton college has since gone under, what a blow. I would love this opportunity to attend the raw food institute and be a great student and spread the 

word of raw food  life style and what it can do for everyone.  I truly feel this has been my calling and want to persue it.

Thank you for the time and I hope you consider me for your institute.

sincerely Rachel


Jeff ~Winner #3


My wife Gina has been to several of Chelly's classes in Fredrick Md. She has taken all Chelly has taught her to heart, unfortunately with all of our travels (the last time you saw her Chelly was with my children, just before she departed to the UAE to join me) and instability, we have not been able to work diligently on this adventure. Fortunately, we are once again stabilizing in Hagerstown and this time it is my turn to take this one to heart, literally. I was not the best catalyst to Gina's ventures. I never opposed her ideas, but I never backed them with full support.  I was ready to experience anything new, but experience was a good thing.  TRULY until yesterday.... GOD is so good. He had placed a few things in line for this turning of events.

I considered myself healthy, but with a weight problem, I knew if I just moved more, or rested more, or eat a little more veggies I would be better. Band aids to say the least.  I have been taking over the counter medications for GERD about 12 years now, I used that as an excuse to gain the wait. I lost a little bit of weight and never felt better. We changed our diet to Organics, felt a little better but still taking the meds. I was to the point that this is what it is. Pills the rest of my life, fortunately Costco or Sam's club sold the pills in bulk at a generic cheep price.  I buy bigger cloths and I look thinner. I think I can do this. My Father died of esophageal cancer almost 20 years ago. My mom is suffering from Diabetes bad, I lost my Grandmother from Diabetes about seven years ago, I lost my Grand Father from a heart attack about 25 years ago, yet I thought I was OK. I will be 36 in a few weeks, I am 6'3" and only 285 lbs. an improvement from my deployed days in Iraq when I was averaging 325+ lbs. I drink a lot of water and "watch" what I eat.

The turning points. My son is having a few complications in his life with learning and attitude (different than normal 10 year old behavior). We saw a Doctor that described all his complications to a note and told us it was a "Gut" issue, not a drug or lack of discipline problem. My Daughter has been showing signs of wear and tear and figured she could use a little tweak to her diet as well. Gina and I both have been feeling run down and well not really with it, So we figured we could use a little work on the diet. A few weeks ago we started to look into a partial raw diet.  All these things were prepping me to care about what my family was eating, to make them better and maybe I could gain a little something as well.  Now yesterday (June 4th) my company was having health day. Get stuck in your finger, your arm squeezed and then you may get a few free things, what can that hurt right?  Boy did I get it.  My Blood Pressure was 160/98, my cholesterol was 162 and the kicker my blood sugar was 421, confirmed at 420. It took the nurse every ounce of energy not to throw me in a car and rush me to the ER.  She calmed her composer and asked if I would go to the ER and at least get on temporary drugs until I could establish a primary care physician to take care of my blood pressure and "not yet diagnosed" Diabetes. I looked her in the eyes and thanked her for her concern but told her there was not such a thing as temporary medications for blood pressure and diabetes. I refuse to take medications. I thanked her and calmly walked out of the office telling her there was a better way and I will find it.

I sat in my car and broke down. This was an informal diagnostic, but the fact that my numbers were so high even a partially inaccurate machine would not be that off, and multiple diagnostics, on multiple machines, dealing with multiple systems, that are, next to breathing, very important to living. I had to break the news to Gina. She, as always, took it graciously and whole heartily.  She went straight to doing what she does best, find an answer and find it now.  She instantly came across the Raw Institutes web site and found the class. Then she realized you were instructor and was beyond over joyed. In Hebrew the word "TESHUVA" means a complete turning, I am ready to do this. I have a 5 year old daughter that needs her father STANDING next to her when she gets married. A 10 year old son I need to see to it he becomes a man. And ultimately I have the most wonderful soul in my life wanting to spend her years beyond measure with me. That is why I need to do this.

I know this is a bit winded, but I thought you needed to learn a bit about me. I am unsure as to how to end this email/ essay/ novel, but to let you know you have already changed a few lives before this class with your time spent in Fredrick. I am personally thanking you for that.  Thank you for your time, thought and consideration.

Regards, Jeff



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