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No Calorie Restrictions, REALLY??

Posted by admin on Wed, May 23, 2012

Anita Capizzi RN, CHC

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Anita's Healthy Tips

I am just finishing up a Spring body cleanse and boy do I feel good!!!

Here at NIHA, we just hosted a 10 day group cleanse using the Metagenics Clear Change ™ Program. It was easy to do, the instructions were very clear and best of all, there was no calorie restriction within the recommended food guidelines!

Let me explain a little about the program. In my blog Spring Cleaning is Not Just For Houses”, I talked about the importance of detoxification and eating foods that help the body clear away stored toxins. There are plenty of toxins coming at us all the time, from the environment in which we live and from the lifestyle choices that we make. Metagenics has a nutritional “shake” ( gluten free ) and supplement that help the body, along with the proper food, to detoxify from the daily build up of toxins that can lead to health challenges.

Days 1-4 on the cleanse get you used to eating only nutrient dense food while you gradually increase your amount of daily protein shakes. By Day 3 you start to eliminate certain foods from your diet. Days 5-6-7 are the most restrictive in terms of food choices, but you are still eating fish, legumes, cruciferous vegetables, salads, pears and apples!

Days 8-10 you begin to add back in the foods that you had eliminated, all the while drinking the protein shake and taking the nutritional supplement.

If you are already eating a clean diet, and by that I mean no processed food, then this cleanse is not difficult, but it does offer you the opportunity to support your liver and detoxification pathways. There are on-line motivating tips each day and they provide several very good recipes to try out. I will definitely be keeping some of them.

I find that I am clear of thought and my body feels cleaner or lighter on the inside.

If you missed the opportunity to join us for this cleanse, make a point of joining us in the Fall when we do another seasonal cleanse. I’ll definitely be there!


Anita Capizzi, RN, CHC, is a Certified Health Coach at National Integrated Health Associates and graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Her philosophy is to meet people where they are and upgrade their level of holistic nutrition and wellness, one step at a time.



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