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Massage and the Mind-Body Connection

Posted by admin on Mon, Apr 02, 2012

Wendy Groomes MT


Touch is a Basic Human Need

When most people consider touch they think of skin and its soft, (or not so soft) supple texture, but touch reaches far deeper than the surface of our skin.  Since touch affects us physically, emotionally, mentally, and even spiritually, our sense of touch reaches into the corners of our memory banks, and can change us.

In the modern day fast-paced culture we live in, balancing our lives so that healthy touch is   part of our lives can be difficult. Incorporating massage is a powerful answer to this dilemma.  

Massage and the Body-Mind Connection

How does massage address this basic human need?

Massage educates or re-educates the body-mind connection via the skin. The skin, our largest organ, acts as an outer brain, filtering messages to our nervous system via hundreds of receptor sites.  This complex, yet natural, communication system, co-mingles with all the influences in our lives, past and present, and in this way impacts the state of health and wellness.

When we don’t receive enough healthy touch, our body’s need for it expresses itself in other ways, and can lower our general sense of well-being and immunity and vitality.  

How we have experienced touch in our lives orients us or sensitizes us to what feels good, bad, or familiar.   Therapeutic massage feels good because it’s based on the natural flow of our body - when we’re tight tired or strung out our bodies harden and nothing flows ‘right’. 

Massage changes that, and feels good too.


Wendy Groomes is a licensed massage therapist at National Integrated Health Associates, NIHA, an integrative medical and dental center serving the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia metro area. Wendy specializes in therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, Intuitive Healing and Pilates.

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