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Time Out... A Perfect 10!

Posted by admin on Mon, Feb 27, 2012

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Recently, my husband and I hosted a wonderful engagement party at our home for our son and his girlfriend who will be married in the fall. My house was filled with out of town family who stayed for the weekend.

get back on track

My normal routine and eating habits were put on hold from Thursday to Monday!

Can anyone relate to “I haven’t exercised in days and I have eaten my way through the weekend” feeling? Well, that was me a few weeks ago, let me tell you! I thoroughly enjoyed my family, the party was a huge success AND I was completely satisfied!

Enjoy the Moment

Completely satisfied??? Why?? How?? Because I didn’t beat myself up for enjoying foods that I don’t normally eat.  I knew that this food “time out” was a temporary indulgence and that my enjoyment of the celebration would have been dampened by any feelings of guilt!

There was no reason to feel guilty. 90% of the time....okay, maybe 85% of the time my diet consists of foods that I know will give me lasting energy and nourish my body on a cellular level. I am a nutrition coach AND I enjoy party foods ( as long as they are not processed!) but I do so with a conscious mind.

When your everyday diet is one that provides nourishment from nature and not from packaged, processed junk, then the occasional indulgence can be “sweet” and thoroughly enjoyed, not laden with guilt.

Get Back on Track

I was back to my normal routine after the weekend with a greater appreciation for myself and all that I do for my own health. And I loved every minute of the celebration with family, friends and food.

What can YOU do in support of your own health?




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