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Natural pharmacy in a single fruit?

Posted by admin on Tue, Dec 27, 2011

Lisa Wilson CHC

Pomegranates! Ah, that delicious, nutritious, squirty, don’t-wear-white-while-peeling your pom, amazing fruit! 


This fruit certainly comes close to that reputation of being a natural pharmacy in a fruit! Pomegranates are delicious too! Just ask my 9 year old. During the season he gobbles up about one a day!

So what do YOU think is so special about this fruit anyway?

As I suspected, pomegranates are great for fertility. Seeds often are!

Pomegranates date back for centuries

They hold a place in history from India, to China, to France and Spain, Africa, and to Greece. The importance of pomegranates were quoted during the Elizabethan times from Romeo and Juliet. The pomegranate holds a special place in Jewish custom as well. Did you know that Tradition holds that a pomegranate has 613 seeds to represent the 613 commandments in the Torah? Pomegranate designs were woven into priest’s robes, and were part of architectural design as well. They are even mentioned six times in The Song of Solomon. So there must be some ancient wisdom in all of this, right? YES, RIGHT!

Let’s talk nutrition:

~Pomegranates are packed with vitamins C, E, K and B.

~Wildly full of powerful antioxidants

~Rich in minerals

~Potassium (even more than a banana!)-Great for alleviating muscle cramping in the body. ~Selenium-Supports the immune system and fights off free radical damage.

~Copper- Helps the body control hormones, and enzyme activity. Also helps support the production of brain neurotransmitters, and supports the immune system.

~Zinc-Coupled with the vitamin C, found here naturally in a pomegranate, zinc can offer tremendous immune enhancing benefits.

Here’s the kicker: These tiny little pomegranate seeds have a reputation for being one of the most powerful foods on the planet!

They have a reputation for:                                 raw_food_institute

-contributing to strong, and beautiful teeth

-being a healthy heart snack

-useful for those with Alzheimer’s disease

-assisting one lower blood pressure, and cholesterol levels

-having anti-cancer properties, for prevention

-may help with hormonal issues like hot flashes, and bone loss

So enjoy the season, and eat up those pomegranates!

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