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What are Raw Foods?

Posted by admin on Tue, Dec 06, 2011

Hi, Lisa Wilson here with The Raw Food Institute.   

Is raw food strange, or foreign to you?  Some people might think that eating raw is a “fad”, or a “new age” way to eat.  The truth is that eating raw food is the oldest, most natural way to eat on the planet!   It is catching on, but that is because it WORKS!!!

You may notice that other….

ANIMALS:   eat their foods raw

ANIMALS:   don’t get modern day diseases, like we do

WE:   *eat cooked food   *are exposed to electro magnetic frequencies   *stress out*!  (etc.)

Some physicians believe:  *cooking food destroys 30-70% of nutrients  &  destroys all enzymes

Enzymes are CRITICAL to health, and to healing.  Raw food is also referred to as ENZYME THERAPY.  You are literally flooding your body with enzymes, responsible for hundreds of activities in the body.



  • Several people have completely reversed their diabetes
  • Many are off diabetes medication completely**
  • Many are off blood pressure medication**
  • People have lost 60+ pounds after completion of our program
  • Have broken the obesity/food binging  cycle
  • Have assisted holistic reversals of cancer
  • Have overcome depression
  • Able to get off all allergy medications, plaguing them for decades

**see site: for actual testimonials

Science is just beginning to understand that eating foods in combination like green juicing, energy soup blending, living foods, raw foods and cultured foods can work  in your body, unlike any pill you could ever take. 

There is not a pill out there with the intellectual genius of mother nature. 

When we start to nourish our bodies on the cellular level, the body will respond. 

Considering spending one week of detoxification immersion at The Raw Food Institute? 

Please contact me for one free (60 min) session at 703-587-6872 or email:

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For more information:

To register, please call:  202-643-HEAL

**Please understand.  We NEVER take anyone off of their medication, or put people on.  Participants work closely with their physicians and those decisions are made independently from The Raw Food Institute. 

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