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Here's Your Salad Upgrade!

Posted by admin on Wed, Oct 05, 2011

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I was at a meeting recently where I was asked to come up with a “health tip”. It was a lunch meeting and we were all busy talking and eating what we had brought in from home.

I looked down at the contents of my container and there was my no-brainer “tip” stuck to my lettuce leaves. Hemp seeds!  A mid-day salad can turn in to quite the power packed meal with hemp seeds. They are chock full of healthy Omega 3 fatty acids and protein.

I like to use organic hemp seeds when I am looking for a plant source of protein. The taste is not strong and it has a hint of nutty flavor to it. Three tablespoons provides 10 grams of protein - perfect for salads. I also included lots of red leaf lettuce, carrot shavings, broccoli sprouts, celery and avocado in my salad that day. To top it off I used a delicious home made salad dressing. The last thing I want to do after planning all that goodness is to use a bottled dressing that is full of highly processed oils, sugars and additives. My delicious salad kept me going all afternoon!

If your response is “but, Anita, salads don’t fill me up enough”, I say to you - try some new ingredients! Organic hemp seeds are a great way to satisfy hunger AND promote health at the same time. Always remember to store the seeds in the refrigerator to protect the Omega 3 oils from going rancid.


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