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Upgrade your condiments and take your health to a new level!

Posted by admin on Thu, Sep 08, 2011

By Lisa Wilson CHC

YES, your condiments!

So you have your kitchen pantry and your dinner plate all figured out. You’re healthy, have energy, feel great, and are living the good life... Good for you!! Here's the deal....

Sometimes it is hard to figure out how you are going to get it all in, right?

Here are some tips to make "enhancing" your already healthy diet a whole lot easier!

But what is one little tip you can use to make your food even better for you? Answer: Topping your food with a medicinal salad topper and superfoods! Check out this video where I make a 2 minute salad shaker that will take your foods up to the next level!!


What I keep on my lazy Susan:

Dehydrated Greens: Loaded with Vitamins A, C, E, and K. Greens are a great blood purifier and excellent for detoxification! 

Chlorella: A sea algae that will bind with heavy metals and remove them from your body. Also loaded with blood-cleansing chlorophyll.

Spirulina: A sea algae that supports the immune system and protects against free radical damage.  

Barley Grass: A powerful detoxifier and great for cancer prevention!

Kelp Powder: An amazing source of iodine to protect from radiation and promote thyroid health!

Hemp seeds: Great protein source with omega-3 fatty acids too!

Turmeric: A powerful spice that reduces inflammation and promoted digestive health.

Cinnamon: Poor Man’s Insulin! This spice helps regulate blood sugar!

How do you make sure you always have these around? Keep these food enhancers right on your Lazy Susan (or kitchen table)! Having your vitamins, enzymes, superfoods, and healthy spices beside you will remind you to pump up your meal every chance you get! 

To your outrageous health and happiness! 

Keep up the great work!

Lisa Wilson at The Raw Food Institute

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