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Pashen Bars: Healthy Snack Food for at the NIHA Wellness Store

Posted by admin on Wed, May 25, 2011


Hi Everyone!  Lisa Wilson here.  This is an exciting day for me!

OK, so here is how this journey to healthy snack bars began….

For years my kids have now been going to sporting practices.  After every single practice, one family would bring the snacks.  I would quickly attempt to swoop my kids off of the fields and into the car before they noticed that every other kid was hanging out, having a good time and shoving crappy food down their throats just before dinner time.  One day, this erupted into elephant sized tears!  In an attempt to be a good mom who was monitoring their nutrition, I was denying my kids interaction in this social activity that they clearly were craving.  After discussing this, we discovered that it was not THEIR treats that they wanted.  My kids just wanted  A TREAT! 

Have you ever actually read the ingredients in one of those “granola” bars.  The front says “natural”, the back says High Fructose Corn Syrup, more sugars and even food dyes!  Seriously, this is not appropriate food for our kids, and people that we love! 

Our solution: Create a healthy snack alternative

We created a list of healthy treats that we could make together in our own kitchen and bring weekly to the practices.  My kids could hang out with their friends and I could feel good about what they were snacking on!  This was a great compromise, and it worked.  

I then started passing out recipes to my clients, and sharing the treats we were creating in the kitchen.   The feedback I got from my clients was, “Hey Lisa, if you just make them…  we’ll buy them.”  Hence, the company Pashen ( was born.

I am fanatical about sourcing the absolute best products that go into these raw energy bars.  I also wanted a bar that will GIVE you energy, not rob you of your own energy stores just to digest it.  This bar is LIVING FOOD!  It is sprouted, dehydrated, gluten free, and handmade with love.  We think they ROCK!  We hope that you like them too.  At 54 ounces, with a glass of water, they can be a meal replacement, though this is not why we created them.  They can absolutely be a stand-alone dessert.   These bars are packed with raw superfood goodness!  Frankly, I think they are the best raw bars on the market.  My clients often get on autoship, and order them by the case!

Cost:  $4.99 per bar 

I know this price may be a little more than you are use to paying for a bar, but you get what you pay for.  These bars have been created to actually deliver nutrition and energy.   BTW, this price is right in line with other raw bars, but we happen to think that the taste of ours actually ROCKS!

So that’s how Pashen, my raw superfood energy bars, were invented! Now I could give other smart moms the tools they needed to feed their kids the best! And a not-so-surprising thing happened, their kids loved the new, healthy treats!

Now, my Pashen bars are a hit with college kids, mom’s in a pinch... even my husband craves them!

The best part is, they’re great for everyone: the bars are raw, sprouted, gluten-free, and use only natural sugars. They’re handmade with only the HIGHEST quality ingredients like rich cacao (raw chocolate), antioxidant filled goji berries, and locally harvest honey. 

BIG NEWS:  The NIHA Wellness Store now carries  my bars. 

You can click to order Pashen Bars (original or cacao) from the on line store, or grab some to try while you are in the office!


To health & happiness! 

Lisa Wilson

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