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Invisalign Open House: Straighten Your Teeth for a Healthier Mouth

Posted by admin on Tue, May 03, 2011

describe the imageCrooked teeth are not just unattractive, they may negatively impact your health!

Malaligned or crowded teeth or a poor overbite or underbite may lead to periodontal disease and create stress on teeth and jaws. 

Crowded teeth or bite problems may contribute to periodontal disease as plaque builds up and is difficult to remove. Over time, this plaque bacteria can cause gum tissue surrounding the tooth to degrade and may result in bone loss if untreated. Studies have shown that untreated severe periodontal infection may increase the risk for hardening of the arteries, heart disease and stroke.

Straight, white teeth are not just for looks anymore.

Teeth that are in proper alignment are easier to brush and floss. Improved oral hygiene reduces the chance of periodontal disease or bone loss, and abnormal wear on teeth. Straightening your teeth can make a difference in your smile and oral health, and can be done using Invisalign clear aligners.

Please join us Thursday, May 5 from time to learn more about Invisalign, the clear solution to straighten teeth.

Meet Dr. Michelle Janbakhsh, an Invisalign Preferred Provider, and get a free Invisalign consultation and special savings during this May event. 

When: Thursday May 5    2 - 6 PM at NIHA

Call 202-237-7000, ext. 2 or click to schedule an Invisalign Consultation.

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