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Confused about Supplements? Try Supplements Customized for You

Posted by admin on Wed, Jun 29, 2011

by Gary Sandman, Founder of Signature Supplements, guest blogger

Signature Supplements are Customized for You
Do you take vitamins? How many of you are confused if you are taking the right ones? The press says one thing, the health food store says another and very few doctors outside of National Integrated Health Associates, NIHA, are trained in nutrition.
When we feel confused we usually don’t take action and we give up in frustration. I know what it’s like, I had over 40 bottles of supplements to take daily. I am down to three bottles now and I feel better than before. I connected with a group of scientists who had been working on a method to measure the essential nutrients in our system. (There are 30 essential nutrient that we must consume daily – our body does not make these nutrients – if we miss just one of these essentials, millions of our new cells start to degenerate.) That’s right just missing any one of the essential nutrients and we end up destroying good healthy cells. According to the USDA, our food has lost up to 60% of it’s nutritive value. Our food doesn’t fulfill our essential nutrient needs, proper nutrient testing and individualized supplements do.

Medical schools teach doctors to focus on analyzing the symptoms that a patient is expressing; they are the red warning flags that are associated with the underlying bio chemical issues. If the functioning of a system is out of balance, we know the body has too little or too much nutrients.
Another group of scientist have spent over 50 years collectively connecting the outer symptoms with the inner bio nutrient imbalance. As an example if you have low energy, get tired at 3 pm daily, crave sugar, feel moody from skipping a meal, and find it hard to concentrate, these are all symptoms that are associated with a Glucose imbalance. The Glucose cycle is responsible for creating energy packages throughout the day. It’s function and ability to provide an even flow of energy can be hindered. By examining the functionality of the glucose cycle we can add or decrease certain nutrients to help optimize glucose functioning.

It sounds simple enough but the research took over 30 years on thousands of clients to figure it out.
Now NIHA and the World Wellness Store have teamed up with Signature Supplements to provide this nutritional program for you to determine what nutrients, foods, activities, and healthy lifestyle choices are crucial for your health.

The Signature Supplement program consists of:
#1 a web based symptom assessment
#2 an analysis of your symptoms.
#3 a custom made supplement made to match your nutrient needs and
#4 an individualized holistic nutritional program providing foods, nutrients, activities, diets, and lifestyle choices that will help optimize your health.
All of this is only $159 for a TWO month supply of individualized supplements, your test results, and a 25 page individualized nutritional program profiling your healthiest choices. Thereafter TWO month reorders are only $129 with unlimited retesting.
To take advantage of this limited time offer use the promotional code word “NIHA” on the web site.

Join us by taking the Signature Assessment now and start to feel your health.

Gary Sandman
President Founder

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