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Help for Spring Allergies

Posted by admin on Mon, Apr 11, 2011

Barbara Solomon MD

allergy_treatmentHurrah! Spring is here and with spring comes the advent of airborne allergy season.

Spring is a beautiful time of year!

For some... but others suffer runny noses, sneezing, sinus headaches, breathing problems, asthma-like symptoms, coughing, rashes, hives and even stomach symptoms. Some people even have joint symptoms at this time of year.

Now the most common causes of hay fever and allergy symptoms are:

1. Pollens, which start with tree pollens in February and March

2. Grasses, which start in April with a second grass pollination season in June, and

3. Mold antigens, which come out in May and again in July

Allergy Testing and Treatment

Treatment options may include shots or sublingual drops for airborne allergens and foods. Electrodermal screening, where the electrical currents are measured may be used as an allergy testing method. The sinus meridian and allergy meridian are greatly affected by airborne allergens and the correct endpoints of your treatment are determined by the dilutions which strengthens the allergy meridian or the sinus meridian which are most affected by spring allergens. A customized formula for each patient's treatment serums is determined by this method. The allergy treatment is done by administration of shots or drops and works by balancing the immune system.

A second method of allergy treatment, called  allergy elimination technique is done working through the autonomic nervous system with tapping of autonomic nervous system points. Either treatment can be done alone but usually work better when done together.

Amelioration of spring time allergy discomfort symptoms can be done successfully at NIHA, and you can learn to enjoy spring again.

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