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How a Detoxification Coach Can Guide You

Posted by admin on Sat, Sep 17, 2011

Darryl Yeagley

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In an ever increasing world of man made chemicals and depleted nutrition, detoxification has become essential to wellness.

We are forced to eat more processed foods as our time is more consumed with working, raising children and commuting greater distances. Toxicity suppresses the immune system and then we rely on pharmaceuticals to ameliorate the effects of illness unknowingly subjecting our bodies to additional toxicities. Life stressors tax our endocrine system, our immune function, and our ability to sleep. GMO (genetically modified foods) and foods grown in depleted soils do not provide the necessary nutrition to support health and are often sprayed with chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Water and air quality continue to decline. We often read reports of a new chemical or hormone found in the Potomac River.

There is hope!!! Through diligence and guidance it is possible to reduce the toxicities in our lives. So where to begin? It is necessary to first take a good accounting of our lives:

What bad habits do we have?(smoking drinking, junk food etc)

What is in our environment? ( pollution, second hand smoke, poor water quality, biological threats such as mold and so on)

What health problems are present that might  be caused by or impeded detoxification?

What unknown health problems may be present?

What emotional toxicities are we burdened by?

It sounds overwhelming and it often is. This is where a detoxification coach can help. There several ways to detoxify and a coach can help guide us in a direction that best suits our needs or direct us to a medical practitioner that can best assess our condition. Just taking a simple quiz can reveal things to us that we never suspected were burdens. There are many ways to self detoxify with a natural cleanse and a coach can offer instruction. Supplementation can aid in detoxification as well as support the body while detoxifying and a coach can help with this. A plethora of detoxification therapies at NIHA  are available that are minimally invasive and found to be effective. A coach can act as a conduit to these modalities (Far Infrared Sauna, colon hydrotherapy, Aqua Chi footbaths, Steam therapy just to mention a few).

A physicians involvement may be required in detoxification, and a coach can help guide us through the process and act as a liaison between us and our practitioner(s). A coach can not only improve the process of detoxification, but can streamline the process, customizing it to our needs, and make it more affordable by eliminating unnecessary trips to the doctor.

The age of detoxification is here! The journey to wellness can be difficult and oftentimes lonely. It is harder to get lost on the journey with a guide.


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