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Raw Foodists and High Raw Food...What's the Difference?

Posted by admin on Wed, Mar 09, 2011

by Lisa Wilson

Finding yourself in serious need of a cleanse, or detox?

So a few years ago, the buzz word was, “rawfoodist.”  People were ditching their old eating habits and jumping ship for this seemingly new (yet, very old), alluring, and intriguing way of life.  RAW FOODS!  What was/is the attraction?  Well, perhaps if you try on raw food for just one day, you too will feel the raw food high!   Eating raw food can be invigorating, uplifting and make you feel absolutely amazing!!!  Eating raw food exclusively for a period of time (from months, to perhaps years), can even pull some bodies out of their sick and diseased states.   It does so by assisting the body to jump start the immune system.  This helps to flood the body with nutrients, minerals, enzymes and YES this can feel blissful.  Some do not even realize how bad they were feeling, until they start to feel great!

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For some, staying on a diet of exclusively raw, vegan foods can be completely right and appropriate.  I must say that there are very few people that I know personally that stay here forever. 

However, they do not want to completely lose that bliss!  This is where the idea of “high raw” comes into play. High raw means eating a diet of mostly raw, plant based foods, usually in the range of 80% to 90% raw foods.  This allows the person to feel many of the benefits of eating a mostly raw plant based diet, and yet have some flexibility when attending social gatherings, allowing some cooked foods in the winter and even eating some animal products, if they feel that is optimal for their particular bodies needs. 

MANY former raw foodies are moving to this place of high raw!

High raw is the structure that I choose for my life.  I crave green juices, sprouts, wheat grass, raw entrees and superfoods – even feel a little grumpy without it!   Many months of the year, these foods are absolutely all I want.  Yet, there are times that my body pulls me toward warming soups and cooked greens, particularly in the winter months.  Redefining my food choices and allowing myself to move from a diet of 100% raw food, to a diet of 80%-90% raw food has freed up the guilt around eating foods outside of those parameters – and yet still experience the daily bliss of raw foods. 

At The Raw Food Institute , we literally teach you 56 hours of hands on training.  Whether you are in a healing crisis, and you need to be all raw for a period of time, or you know that these healing techniques will help lift you to the next level of health, this training will literally shave YEARS off of your learning curve.  We teach advanced techniques for using superior and medicinal raw foods.  These techniques are optimal for prevention and healing! 

Eat as though your life depends on it…..because it does!

Class schedule:

The Raw Food Institute at NIHA runs for one week four times a year. The 2011 program dates are:

April 3-April 9

July 10-16

October 9-15

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