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My Raw Food Journey, Day 6, Gourmet Raw

Posted by admin on Wed, Feb 02, 2011

Today was a treat!

Lunch was “gourmet” raw food, which delights all the tastes- salty, sweet, bitter, sour, and spicy. Vegetable pizza (with a nut crust), spicy coconut and jicama salad, wonderful green wraps stuffed with nutmeats and Thai soup.

Lisa Wilson showed us how to customize our daily schedule to incorporate this way of eating into our life. We all started at very different levels of a raw food diet; some in the group had started to eat raw, but most had not, other than eating salads. Now it is time to start to think of transitioning back to my real life, where I will have to prepare my own food! It has been so luxurious having it prepared for us twice a day. How much of this can I really do?

Dr Rind spoke on hormone health, hormone testing and also breast thermography, which is another way to assess what is happening in the breast. It has been great to have the NIHA doctors speak to the class and share their knowledge, and explain the integrative medical approach to disease. This 7 day immersion program is about so much more than just raw foods, it is an education on a holistic approach to taking charge of your health.

Topics: hormones, raw food, breast thermography