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My Raw Food Journey, Day 7, Graduation

Posted by admin on Wed, Feb 02, 2011

Our final session today ended at 1; I left at 4 and most of our group was still there. None of us wanted to leave the cocoon we had grown so accustomed to this week, where our food was so masterfully prepared and we were getting to know one another. 

We “graduated” and gave testimonials on our experience. Some had amazing results with weight loss, stabilized blood sugar, better mood, and a general feeling of well-being and optimism. We all felt encouraged about taking charge of our own health by incorporating good nutrition into the plan.

But my big question is, “What will I make for dinner?”

I don’t have a vitamix or a juicer at home. I don’t have any greens other than romaine, and no sprouts. Back to square one, but at least now I have an idea of how to incorporate better quality foods and more raw foods into my diet.  I can’t jump right back to my old diet because a) I don’t really want to, now that I am conscious of how many processed foods I was eating,  b) it wouldn’t feel or taste very good, and c) those foods are not good for me.  So I will start slowly with soups and salads to ease back to my real life and figure out what I will do next.  It will be asparagus soup for dinner, it’s lightly cooked but I have a family who may eat it too.  

This has been a rare, wonderful week.  Our group was open, funny, accepting and a pleasure to be with.  Lisa and her assistant Kenzie will probably be smiling on The Food Network one day, preparing the same meals they served us. Lisa Wilson is extremely knowledgeable, caring, and passionate about getting people to improve their diet, and meets people where they are in the process.  Whether one does the 7 day immersion program or individual consultation, The Raw Food Institute is a valuable experience.

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