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My raw food journey, Day 4, Fasting and Caring

Posted by admin on Fri, Jan 28, 2011

Loreen Wasilko

describe the imageOn the fourth day of The Raw Food Institute at NIHA  Immersion program those that were approved for fasting were fasting and drinking only wheatgrass and green juices.  Fasting rests the digestive system but we still got our needed nutrients from the green juices. The green juices are full of enzymes and chlorophyll and are best absorbed on an empty stomach. The water-rich green drinks were made of cucumber, celery, romaine or bok choy, with greens such as parsley, kale or wheatgrass added, and enhanced with garlic or ginger. Other fruits could be added to the drinks but we were not doing any sugar this week so the juice was not prepared with any fruit.

We learned how to stock our pantry for raw food preparation and what kind of kitchen equipment is needed. This is not the kind of juicing you can do with a basic blender, and some high powered mixers and juicers are needed to make these juices at home. The best juicers will extract the most enzymes.

As healing occurs on many levels, later we spent some time on the family and our role within the family, and meditation. Maybe it was because we were fasting- and hungry, or maybe it was the barometric pressure from the pending snowstorm in DC, but the atmosphere and energy in the room was different. Our group has been together for a few days now and we have shared a lot of stories of illness and healing. This is a most accepting and understanding group of people, and I have learned from everyone in the room. But this afternoon we became keenly aware of the power of caring for ourselves and each other. A very special day.

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