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My raw food journey- Day 2, Full of Sprouts

Posted by admin on Tue, Jan 25, 2011

Loreen Wasilko

Yesterday on Day 1 of my raw food journey I talked about how delicious the food is and how sprouts are the main entrée because of their high enzyme and protein content.  Today, on Day 2 of The Raw Food Institute at NIHA nutrition program we learned how to actually grow our own sprouts.  They can be grown from seeds like pumpkin, clover, sunflower and wheatberries, which grow into wheatgrass. Sprouts can be purchased in some stores but the fresher they are the more nutritious they are, and they are fairly easy and quick to grow on your own.

The Raw Food Institute devoted an entire class to wheatgrass. It is an amazing food, made of 70% chlorophyll.  If you remember fifth grade science class, chlorophyll is what gives plants their gorgeous green color, the green substance that collects energy from the sun and enables the plant to make food. Wheatgrass is a most nutritious food and consuming it by juicing is a staple of a raw food diet. Wheatgrass juice is good for the blood, for detoxification,vitality, energy, and the liver. There are entire books devoted to the healing effects of wheatgrass.

The focus of our morning discussion was digestive wellness. Since 80% of our immune system is in our gut this is a very important topic. One thing which helps digestion is cultured vegetables. Cultured vegetables are found in almost every country in the world. It is a way of preserving vegetables with a fermented process. Foods like kimchi, kavass and sauerkraut are fermented foods.  Fermented foods help break down other foods and aid digestion. Lisa Wilson showed us how to prepare fermented foods safely, and incorporate them into our diet. They are served like a condiment, just a little with your meal.

I am tolerating the raw food fine, although I did have a slight headache this morning, which could be due to giving up coffee or a reaction as my body starts detoxifying.  There is so much information to absorb and although I love the taste of wheatgrass juice and sprouts the thought of growing them as part of my daily routine is a little daunting right now. I am just going a day at a time and learning so much new amazing, information. I have no idea what I will do next week when I have time to synthesize all this information. There are stories of people who have healed from major health issues- diabetes, cancer, by completely changing to this type of raw food diet. Once you hear this, how can you return to eating meat and potatoes and bagels?  I did this raw food program to jumpstart my health, and take a break from sugar, meat, dairy, processed foods that I have consumed all of my life. Now about all I can do each day is drink my green juices, eat my delicious foods, try  to let my body enjoy fresh, good food and relax.

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