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My Raw Food Journey - Day 1

Posted by admin on Mon, Jan 24, 2011

Loreen Wasilko

describe the imageThe first day of the 7 day immersion program is an introduction to raw food. Why it is important, how raw food helps to detoxify the body.

Today I had my first raw food entrees and green drinks. Raw food for lunch and dinner and wonderful green smoothies and ginger/garlic drinks in between. The basis for the raw food diet is sprouts as the entrée, because sprouts are living foods loaded with enzymes and protein that help rebuild our cells on a deep cellular level. We need enzymes to digest our food and cooking food actually destroys many of the enzymes.

The food was beautiful, so fresh and flavorful- crunchy fennel salad, pea shoots an lentil sprouts, azuki and kidney, cauliflower couscous, squash shredded like pasta with cashew and red pepper dressings, dulse (dried seeweed) and a mix of greens. This menu served as both our lunch and dinner.

I tried everything. It was unlike anything I have ever eaten. The flavors were strong but blended well together. We filled our plates for our take-home dinners, then went through the process again to eat lunch. My first thought was, “ I hope I took enough for dinner…” but instead I found I was very full from what I had served myself for lunch, which looked like a big plate full of colorful salad. What I enjoyed the most was the different mix of flavors and textures, some familiar, some not, but all the food tasting so fresh and delicious.

I thought I might miss “hot” meals, especially since it was about 25 degrees in DC today. But the raw food was really the right temperature, not too cold, just right. And we have the most wonderful array of herbal hot teas to enjoy. Another concern was that I would be hungry, because I didn’t think you can feel satisfied on sprouts and greens. Wrong! The food is actually very filling, but not in an uncomfortable way, like after a meal of pasta.

There is so much information about detoxification to learn. Ways to help the body detoxify, such as enemas, colon hydrotherapy (colonics), hot baths, infrared sauna, and chorella, which is a green super food consumed by people all over the world.

The group dynamic is great and everyone told their story today. I am impressed by their depth of knowledge about nutrition and health information. I will learn from them too as they share information, a great added benefit to the program.

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