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My journey into raw foods- Preparation

Posted by admin on Wed, Jan 19, 2011

by Loreen Wasilko

raw foodI decided to jump start my road to wellness this year by attending The Raw Food Institute at NIHA, a 7 day detoxification and raw food immersion program.

I want to do it for all the right reasons: healing from Lyme Disease, get the toxins out, lose weight, improve my digestive system, and get that raw food glowing skin.  Honestly - Lisa Wilson, founder of The Raw Food Institute, really does have glowing skin, like someone who is newly pregnant.

I have read the testimonials of people who have healed from disease, gotten off medication, and renewed their energy, all from changing to a nutrient rich raw diet.

I just received my introductory packet and the daily schedule and I am so excited to begin the nutritious green drinks and tasty raw foods, and learn as much as I can.

Here’s the problem- I am already behind in my jumpstart!

Lisa suggests removing all sugar and processed foods from your diet a month before beginning the detox.  A month before- I have a week to prepare. And, my daughter made wonderful spaghetti the other night and brought a nice bottle of red wine.  Sugar, alcohol, processed food, the tri-fecta of what I should not be eating! The delicious salad did not cancel out the other foods.  So I am getting a late start but making up for it now and have eliminated sugar, alcohol, processed foods and dairy to start the clean up of my diet.  Not ideal, but it’s the best I can do. 

I am really looking forward to the whole journey. I know it is not just about the food- there is an emotional component to healing too, and being honest with oneself about choices. Healing takes place on many levels, the physical body, the conscious mind, the emotional level of heart and soul, and the spiritual plane.  They need to all be working together to feel well and heal,  and I find that for me some are really in sync and some are not, but it would be great to learn how to integrate it all.

Lisa Wilson, founder of The Raw Food Institute,  talks about a “healing crisis,” and I don’t know what that is. The Chinese symbol for crisis is “danger” and “opportunity.”  I view this as an opportunity to learn. 

This is the first step.

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