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Cancer Healed with Raw Food and Juices - 18 Years Cancer Free

Posted by admin on Sat, Jan 15, 2011


Lisa Wilson here with The Raw Food Institute.                                             

Please allow me to introduce you to my good friend and source of inspiration, Linda Zeller

People ask me how I got into the field of nutrition, often working with those battling cancer.   

Here’s how:

Eighteen years ago, a woman named Linda Zeller, from my home town in northern Minnesota, was diagnosed with uterine and colon cancer.  I didn’t know her at the time, but my sister did.   I would hear stories about the mounds of vegetables that would spill from her counter tops every Sunday, as Linda and her husband (her support system), would spend time in the kitchen scrubbing vegetables, bonding further and preparing for the week of juicing to come.

You see, Linda, an extraordinarily health conscious woman, was exposed to a gas leak at the school she was teaching at.  After that, she received the dreaded cancer diagnosis.  For Linda, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation were not ever considered to be options. Instead, she turned to raw foods, massive amounts of green juices and a handful of other holistic methods of detoxification. 

18 years later, Linda is still cancer free.  In fact, she is perhaps the most radiant 58 year old I know.  Her skin glows and she bubbles with enthusiasm for life.  It is her life mission to inspire and educate people about holistic options for cancer support. 

It is because of Linda that I’ve known the secret to outrageous health is raw foods and juice feasting.  It is Linda that has inspired my entire career, and she is the reason that day after day, I press on with what I am doing. Of course, I am not suggesting that  Raw Foods are the answer to cancer. And we  aren't recommending that patients avoid conventional therapies that are important to their health. But I am excited to have this Raw Food program available to support significant and healthy lifestyle changes for my clients.

It is an honor and a pleasure to call this magnificent person my friend.

So grab a cup of tea, sit back and listen to this inspiring conversation with my friend Linda Zeller.

Linda ZellerLisa Wilson


 Click to hear Lisa Wilson's  audio interview with Linda Zeller.




Perhaps you have heard about the incredible healing wonders of raw foods.  Perhaps you’ve been tempted to learn more, but you need some guidance and direction.

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