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NIHA'S Lisa Wilson is Interviewed on Starting a Raw Food Lifestyle

Posted by admin on Tue, Jan 04, 2011

raw_food_instituteThe partnership of National Integrated Health Associates, NIHA, and The Raw Food Institute is generating a lot of press lately.

Lisa Wilson CHC , founder of The Raw Food Institute and on staff at NIHA, has developed a 7 day Detoxification and Immersion Program, the  Raw Food Institute at NIHA,  to be held January 23 - 29, 2011, at NIHA'S integrative medicine and dental center in Washington, D.C.

Lisa Wilson has been working with clients for 5 years on incorporating organic, whole and raw foods into their diet. But she saw the most dramatic results for clients on the nutrient dense raw food diet. Clients felt better, their skin and energy improved, digestion improved, many lost weight and improved their health status as their bodies detoxified from processed foods and began to heal with raw foods.

Lisa Wilson has done a series of interviews, videos, classes and demonstrations to corporations, schools and interested groups to promote The Raw Food Institute. She has connected with local restaurants such as Elizabeth’s Gone Raw in Washington, D.C.

Read Lisa's most recent interview, "Making the Switch to the Raw Food Lifestyle."

Find more information by calling 202-643-HEAL, or visit  The Raw Food Institute.

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