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Holistic Health Tips: How to Have Healthy Holidays

Posted by admin on Wed, Dec 15, 2010

 by Cathlene Scoblionko ANP-BC



What do we do this time of year that is so different from the rest of the year?
Well, our eating habits are different- more sugar and alcohol; our social patterns are different- holiday parties, later nights; our stressors are different; more travel, longer car rides; our exercise patterns fall off.

So, the question really is, "How can I stay healthy when everything I usually do is turned upside down?"

Good question. Let's start with eating. Most of the holiday goodies freeze very well for several months. No reason to cram it all in the few weeks of the holiday season!! Save them for cabin fever in February. Savor that one glass of wine or other beverage instead of just getting through the first one so you can have the second.

Plan your schedule around your social interactions. Sleep later on the morning after the holiday party. Take some extra Vitamin C, B complex and Glutathione for the anti-oxidants. (You should be taking extra Vitamin D already now that there is less sunshine. You are, aren't you?)

Ah, the family thing. Deep breaths, enjoy the moment, meditate, or whatever helps you cope with the stress.

I'll talk about healthy travel tips next week. Relax and enjoy! 

That is what makes you live longer and healthier.




Cathlene Scoblionko ANP- BC, provides Holistic Primary Care at National Integrated Health Associates, NIHA, an integrative medical and dental center serving Washington, D.C, Maryland and Virginia. Primary care with a holistic approach is for your optimum wellness, not just freedom from disease.


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