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Raw Food : $110 Gourmet Dinner. I'm Buying.

Posted by admin on Tue, Dec 14, 2010

by Lisa Wilson CHC 


My Holiday Offer From the Raw Food Institute:



When you register for your ONE WEEK IMMERSION at the Raw Food Institute from January 23-January 29, I will buy you a $110 ticket to see the amazing 




A local, gourmet raw restaurant on Saturday evening at 5:30pm, January 22, 2011


Additional Holiday savings:



SO, HERE IS HOW THIS HAPPENED: I was talking to Elizabeth Petty, owner of an amazing gourmet, raw food restaurant here in Washington, DC, Elizabeth’s Gone Raw. 

She told me that she is hosting Kris Carr on Saturday evening, January 22nd to talk about her amazing journey battling cancer with holistic treatments, green juices and raw foods.

“Hm,” I said,  “That’s the night before my week-long raw food immersion program is launching.”

That’s when the light bulbs went off. We were like kids on Christmas morning! So we decided: Wouldn’t it be the most amazing way to kick off The Raw Food Institute’s January Immersion Program?

I am so happy to be able to give this holiday gift to every single participant in my January immersion course.

Saturday January 22nd will knock your socks off! I can’t think of a better, more appropriate way to jump start this journey for you.

The Kris Carr Story:

As seen on Oprah, Dr. Oz (in photo), The Today Show, Good Morning America, etc etc etc.

Kris Carr, director of Crazy Sexy Cancer, best-selling author, motivational speaker and founder of health and wellness website is an advocate for holistic healing and nourishment. After being diagnosed with a rare, terminal cancer at only 31 years old in 2003, Kris decided to adopt an integrated approach to healing—relying on juice and enzyme therapy to combat her stage IV cancer.  Seven years later, Kris Carr now spreads her story about fighting back with knowledge for a better way to heal.  Kris’ inspirational journey will be at the forefront of this event on January 22, 2011. We’d love if you could join us.

My holiday gift to you:

  • A night of inspiration with Kris Carr
  • An amazing FIVE Course Raw Dinner at Elizabeth’s Gone Raw
  • Kris Carr's new lifestyle book Crazy Sexy Diet

At The Raw Food Institute, we are delighted to bring you incredible holiday deals:

  • 15% off for single attendees
  • Buy one, get one ½ off—bring a spouse, family member, or friend

2011 Is the year YOU invest in YOU!

Your health depends on it

 Experience the healing powers of raw food for yourself.

You’ll be glad you did!

What is The Raw Food Institute?

  • A New Program hosted at NIHA that offers a week long raw food immersion program
  • Focuses on healing at the deep cellular level with food as medicine 
  • Great for prevention and assistance with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, chemical toxicity, lyme disease, allergies, weight loss
  • Detoxification program with all medicinal juices and gourmet raw meals included!
  • Have abundant energy, feel years younger, and THRIVE!


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