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Raw Food. How my friend lost almost 100 pounds and took back her life!

Posted by admin on Wed, Dec 08, 2010

by Lisa Wilson CHC

My friend Genny lost nearly 100 pounds and took back her health, her energy and her life!

Nearly a year ago, my good friend Genny decided to take back her health and change her life. After Genny’s mother-in-law suffered a massive stroke, she knew it was time for her and her family to take a good look at their diet. Then, Genny was 280 pounds and went through her days tired and feeling lousy. Take a look at this video testimonial and see where Genny is today!



Genny decided to go on a 100% raw food diet and has never looked back! Almost 100 pounds later, with softer skin, better eye-sight, and OUTRAGEOUS energy, Genny contributes all of her health success to a raw foods and detoxification program, assisted by Lisa Wilson.

In January, Genny, who is currently in a holistic nutrition program to achieve certification, will be assisting at The Raw Food Institute at NIHA. She will be helping to spread the word about powerful detoxification and the amazing effects raw and living foods can have for everyone. “Food is everything,” Genny says. Raw and living foods are the foundation for healing and abundant health. And that’s what The Raw Food Institute is all about!

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Lisa_WilsonLisa Wilson is Founder and Director of The Raw Food Institute; Certified Health, Nutrition and Wellness Counselor;Raw Food Certified; Certified Fitness Trainer; Founder of Lisa Wilson Wellness; Founder and Director of In the Know Lifestyle, a raw-healthy snack company; and Founder and Trainer for Parkfit, Outdoor Fitness for Women.
She can be reached at 202-643-HEAL

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