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The Raw Food Institute comes to NIHA in Washington, D.C

Posted by admin on Tue, Dec 07, 2010

Lisa Wilson, CHC
National Integrated Health Associates, NIHA,  has teamed up with The Raw Food Institute to bring you a 7 Day Raw Food Immersion Program.

This is one week of premier healing and detoxification at the largest, state-of-the-art, integrative medical and dental practice on the East coast.  

There is nothing else like this in the Northeast!

Fact:    Raw, living foods are one of the fastest rising food groups, and way of eating in America today.

Why? It works! Just ask anyone who has healed an illness with the cleanest diet on the planet!

 Myth: Raw food is time consuming, protein deficient, and restrictive.

Fact: Raw food is delicious, satisfying, loaded with body building protein, healing, and the cleanest diet you could possibly have!


Enroll Today in The Raw Food Institute


raw_food_instituteHello, I am Lisa Wilson. I am the founder and director of The Raw Food Institute at NIHA. I’ve been working as a health, nutrition and wellness counselor at NIHA now for years.

Let’s face it… we live in a toxic world! Our bodies are constantly assaulted with the poor air we breathe, the despicable water we drink, and most importantly, the foods that are quite frankly…not foods at all.

As a population, we are sicker than we’ve ever been before. As a mother of 3, I can’t help but wonder, just kind of future are we passing to our children?

Because people are sicker than ever, of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, candida, and Lyme (just to name a few) I’ve had to go deeper into food based detoxification methods just to help them get them well again.

The good news... raw food detoxification really works!

 Watch Lisa Wilson's Raw Food video for a sample of The Raw Food Program.

Enroll Today in The Raw Food Institute

Client Testimonials for Raw Foods

Just a couple days ago, I was speaking with a woman that had been diagnosed with breast cancer in March, 2010.  One double mastectomy later and some diligent, research about the incredible healing affects of raw food, she went completely raw.  She said she likes who she is much better now, and expressed it this way:

 "I feel like I’ve been asleep and now I am finally conscious again!"

Another client said (in reference to all the chemicals and sugars that had kept her in thick brain fog):

"I feel as though I've been drugged all of these years!" 

According to Time Magazine, 96% of Americans can’t rememberraw_food_at_niha the last time they ate a salad. Are you as shocked by this as I am?

Since becoming a nutrition counselor, I’ve gone back to become raw food certified, studied at the top healing institution in the world, and have been mentored by some of the greatest minds in natural medicine and medicinal foods.

With the overwhelming truths about the nurturing properties of raw foods, my clients are healing every day.

It is with great pleasure and pride that I am able to bring The Raw Food Institute to NIHA. What a beautiful collaboration!

Don’t put off one of the most important investments you’ve ever made.

The gift of health is priceless.

 Enroll Today in The Raw Food Institute

Here is what you get:  

  • One week at NIHA with The Raw Food Institute.
  • All of your medicinal juices and meals to assist in a successful detoxification.
  • 52 hours of the most advanced nutrition and healing information available, with live discussions from nutrition experts and the doctors at NIHA.
  • Hands-on food preparation classes learning to prepare delicious and properly combined raw food meals.
  • Information and demonstrations on topics including:

Using Food as medicine- “TRULY” natures finest medicine

Green juicing- Nature’s energy! This will bring your body from an acid state to an alkaline state! It’s about the PH!

Green smoothies- Keeping the fiber and nutrients together, filling you up with yummy, raw goodness!

Sprouting- Eating a bowl of sprouts is like eating a bowl of life! We will do jar sprouting, hydroponic sprouting and soil sprouting. You can go home and do this!

Wheat Grass-  One of nature's finest tonics-you will learn how to grow it, harvest it and use it every day for abundant health!

Raw Entrees- With living and live foods, FOOD PREP classes will be held daily!

Lifestyle Detoxification- Learn how to assist your body for a graceful elimination of the toxins.

Environmental detoxification-Go home and detoxify your home today, so true healing can occur!

Enhancing your detox program with whole food supplements- Whole food extracts are a certain way to get abundant nutritional support!

This is a complete life changing program. Don’t hesitate to regain your health and take back your life! You’ll never look back!


To learn more about The Raw Food Institute at NIHA  or to enroll, please visit or call (202) 643-HEAL.


Lisa Wilson is Founder and Director of The Raw Food Institute;
Certified Health, Nutrition and Wellness Counselor;Raw Food Certified; Certified Fitness Trainer; Founder of Lisa Wilson Wellness; Founder and Director of In the Know Lifestyle, a raw-healthy snack company; and Founder and Trainer for Parkfit, Outdoor Fitness for Women.
She can be reached at 202-643-HEAL

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