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Something Unexpected and Spectacular Happened on my Raw Food Tour!

Posted by admin on Wed, Nov 17, 2010

Lisa Wilson CHC

Something unexpected and spectacular happened on my 9 day DC, MD, and VA speaking tour!

As I sit in my office, pondering how my speaking tour went, I realize the experience was so much more than I could have imagined, or hoped for…

Over those 9 days, some talks were for private organizations and some were for public events, sponsored by various organizations.

Here is what happened:

At every single one of my public talks, at least half a dozen of my former clients showed up.  They were either personal clients, or had been in my nutrition classes.  I didn’t personally invite them, they just heard I was speaking and came.  Some of these people I had not seen in years. 

What is spectacular is that they shared, publicly, how changing their food had completely changed their life forever.  They shared how moving to a diet that included raw, living and medicinal foods was the pivotal point in their lives that would completely change them forever.  Once they started feeling better (often after years of suffering), life would never be the same again.   They experienced that “AH-HA” moment: When they realized the vital importance of every single thing they put in their mouths has a direct effect on their health and well being and that they DO HAVE CONTROL OVER THEIR OWN HEALTH. This was the life changing event that has them sharing their messages with anyone who will listen!

Here are just a few testimonials that were shared:

 -“Two years ago, I was diagnosed with melanoma.  I’ve gone on a mostly raw food diet. I have had no recurrence of melanoma, I’ve lost 30 pounds and I feel amazing.  By the way, the food is delicious!” -Peggy H.

-“After debilitating lyme, moving to a diet of mostly raw foods has profoundly changed my life.  Seriously, I had given up Tae Kwon Do (the sport I love), and could not even work.  Raw and living foods have given me my life back.  It is difficult to explain the profound results when you do this appropriately.”  -Patrick

-“I was on 4 different medications and was feeling lousy.  I am now off of all medications and I feel wonderful.  Don’t wait to do this!”  -Christine

I sit here this morning, in the still of my office with PROFOUND GRATITUDE for every single one of my clients.  It is you who has made the difference in your own lives. You are model of health; you offer a beacon of hope to those who are currently in the position you were once in.

 Sneak peak at my upcoming blogs:

 We have some super exciting news that we will be revealing in the coming weeks:A NEW RAW FOOD PROGRAM AT NIHA.  Because my clients with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc. have experienced such PROFOUND results (results that frankly blow my mind),  it has been a long time dream of mine to bring an intense, MEDICINAL RAW FOOD program to NIHA.  Please be looking for details to be announced soon!!!!   I am so excited I could burst!

Also, I took some video of these incredible stories of healing with food right here at NIHA.  Be looking for that in the weeks to come. The stories will blow your mind too!

For more stories, become a fan of the Raw Food Institute Facebook page.  See behind-the-scenes photos of what it is really like sprouting and juicing wheat grass in your hotel room! The mood boost makes it all worthwhile...



Lisa Wilson, CHC, CFT,  is a certified Health, Nutrition and Wellness Counselor at National Integrated Health Associates, the largest integrative medicine and dental practice on the east coast. Lisa is the founder of The Raw Food Institute, a national detoxification center that uses advanced techniques with food as medicine to take health to the highest levels. She also founded Parkfit: Outdoor Fitness for Women in McLean, VA, and In the Know Lifestyle (ITK), a superfood company dedicated to organic and raw foods.

She can be reached at 202-643- HEAL for a free consultation, to enroll in The Raw Food Institute, or for speaking or television engagements. Many of her health how-to videos can be found at

Lisa is mom to 3 rock’n kids, ages 6, 8 and 10, that love to eat super healthy food!

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