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NIHA Launches online Wellness Store to Promote Healthier Living

Posted by admin on Thu, Sep 09, 2010

National Integrated Health Associates announced their new holistic health online Wellness Store offering greater access to high quality supplements and products for healthy living, and easier visitor usability.

now online smNational Integrated Health Associates (NIHA), an integrative medicine and dental center, launched the new Wellness Store shopping website featuring supplements and health care products to promote a healthier lifestyle. Now everyone has access to quality products.

The NIHA Wellness Store features natural foods, super foods, supplements, health & beauty products and access to a large amount of information about health. “The new NIHA Wellness Store is the result of fifteen years of searching for the best health products available. We wanted to make it easy to get the best products and information all in one place,” says Mark McClure D.D.S, co-founder and biological dentist at the center.

Wellness Store has expanded product selection

Product selection has expanded to include physician-selected vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, probiotics, immune boosters, and herbs. Products for healthier living such as cell phone biochips, ergonomic back pillows, natural toothpaste and mouth rinse complement the integrative health philosophy. Books and DVDS are recommended for more in depth learning about topics such as ADHD, cancer and addiction.

Now easier to use 

The NIHA World Wellness Store redesign makes it easier for customers to use with larger font, an uncluttered appearance and a new ‘search by’ feature. Users will find information about past orders and be able to reorder with ease through the account management system. The redesign encourages education with more product information and an Integrative Health blog.

Support for Patients

NIHA will also use the new Wellness Store to provide support to its patients. Tracy Freeman M.D., internist, notes, “Most of my patients are very health conscious and understand the importance of incorporating high quality supplements into their daily routine." The “Patients Only” area will provide easy access to the specialized products NIHA uses within their practice that are available only through health practitioners.

Special Pricing through 9/30/10

FREE shipping is available through 9/30/10. Visit the Wellness Store.

About National Integrated Health Associates

National Integrated Health Associates (NIHA) is an integrative medical and dental center comprised of medical doctors, biological dentists, naturopaths, and other licensed holistic health practitioners that blend traditional western medicine and complementary and alternative medicine therapies in order to maximize the healing potential of the patient. The integrative medicine model treats the whole person (body, mind, and spirit) and considers factors such as nutrition, lifestyle, and stress to be important in the management of health.

NIHA was founded in 1995 as one of the first integrative medicine and dental centers of its kind and serves patients in the Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia metropolitan area.The virtual Wellness Store can be found at

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