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Triune of Mind, Body and Spirit

Posted by admin on Fri, Aug 06, 2010

by Maureane O'Shaugnessy

Do you continue to struggle with chronic mild or debilitating health issues and emotional distress without significant progress even after implementing a plethora of expensive, time-consuming and energy-draining medical/physical treatment protocols -  and can’t figure out why your health and wellbeing is not significantly improving? 

Have you ever considered the role that each and every trauma, stress or emotional discord that you have suffered throughout your entire lifetime (and which are entirely unique to you), plays in preventing you from not getting truly well?

Are you aware that you have both a physical body and several energetic bodies that 'record' and 'store' the 'imprints' and 'cellular memory' of all these stresses,  traumas, physical ailments or period of emotionally disordered thinking?

Are you also aware that this imprinting and cellular memory can be recorded at any juncture of your earthly life, including the time you were in your mother’s womb or during your own birth?  How so, you ask?  Simply because ‘consciousness’ has no age – and age no relevance!  Meaning that each trauma induced in a child resides in the adult with the same intensity as the moment it happened regardless of the level of maturity, age, reasoning, or life experience one ultimately achieves. 

Do you know that if one doesn’t also ‘clear’ this energetic imprinting of unresolved illness or dis-ease, one cannot ultimately clear unresolved physical illness and/or dis-ease? Conversely, even if you are successful clearing a physical ailment or disease, if the ‘relative energetic component’ (the energetic imprinting that resides in our energetic bodies) of that ailment or disease is not cleared, it will eventually re-imprint itself at the physical level (within the physical body)  and the condition or dis-ease will only re-manifest in the physical body?   Wow…………read that statement again and let that concept sink in!

It has been my experience that the concepts mentioned above are ill-understood at best and sadly almost never given the attention and respect required to successfully manage and resolve them by most patients and surprisingly even by most healthcare practitioners.  

EVERY ‘dis-ease’ or degenerative process has a reflexive psycho-emotional or psycho-spiritual component – that if not resolved has the power to keep us from truly regaining our health.  I call this the ‘Triune of Mind, Body and Spirit’ as it relates to Whole Health and Wellness.

Each element of this Triune deserves equal attention and respect, and specifically-targeted therapeutics.  It is important that each patient advocate for themselves and choose trained professionals who understand the complexities involved in the various aspects of this Triune and who have the integrity and skill to provide a completely safe and confidential environment to fully support his/her comprehensive healing.

It is important to note that some challenges involving this Triune resolve on their own as a result of general life changes which improve or reduce our overall ‘Total Stress Load’ (TSL) – and some do not.

It is our body’s ‘first instinct’ to ‘right itself’ – to HEAL.  By reducing our overall TSL we increase our immune system’s ability to overcome our particular health challenges and for our body to heal itself.   When we just focus on the physical aspects of our ‘dis-ease’, we often cannot reduce our TSL sufficiently for our body to be able to right itself – we need to address all aspect of ‘self’ to fully heal. 

If you are just not getting better, have been addressing these issues by employing only physical or bio-medical therapeutics, and don’t know where to turn, consider the crucial role that your mind, emotions and spirit play in that desired goal.  Learn how to tap into the vital information stored in your body, mind and spirit that will reveal long-held secrets to achieving vibrant health and allow you to live the life you desire now.

You deserve vibrant health at all levels.  You will best achieve your goal of regaining radiant health and healing by investing in all aspects of the Triune of that which makes you a unique human ‘being’. 

Maureane O’Shaugnessy is a holistic practitioner at National Integrated Health Associates, NIHA, an integrative medicine and dental center serving Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia metro region.

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