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Exclusive Holistic Nutrition Offer for NIHA Patients Only

Posted by admin on Tue, May 11, 2010

Eve Colantoni, CHC

If you're a patient at NIHA you've likely faced some hard times or even serious challenges with your health. You may have had other doctors shrug their shoulders, offer little help with your condition, or worse,  tell you "there's nothing wrong with you".
And although we treat patients with many different conditions like Lyme disease, autism, and ADHD to name a few, ALL of our patients have one thing in common and one major component that is INTEGRAL to their healing protocol...

The guiding principles of holistic, integrative medicine are based on a two part process:

PART ONE: Exploring and removing the deep underlying root causes of disease.

PART TWO: Tapping into the body's innate and powerful ability to encourage natural healing.

More simply put, no matter what condition you have (be it acne, autism, or ADHD) the one thing our patients have in common is the need to get rid of the bad stuff (the cause of disease) and bring in the good stuff (the elements for healing).

And here is where we start:

image_saladYou must give your body the most fundamental element to life and health:


You see, the foods we eat either fuel and enrich us, sparking our body's innate healing system or drain and obstruct our physical systems, damaging our bodies and life.
But most people are only aware of a small portion of the effects of our diet: weight gain or weight loss. They understand that if you eat the wrong foods you can get fat. But let me ask you this now-are you aware that the foods you are eating could be:

Triggering your depression?
Causing your migraine headaches?
Insighting your child's ADHD?
Feeding your Lyme Disease?
Energizing your cancer cells?
Aiding in your addiction to illegal drugs?
Nourishing yeasts, molds, and fungus?
Stripping your energy?
Tripling your fatigue?
Intensifying your allergies?
and I could go on and on.....

But it doesn't have to be this way! In fact, food is not the enemy! Providing the body with nourishing food is actually the cornerstone to the healing process. Before we had pharmaceutical drugs, it was food we turned to when there was a need for healing.

It was Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, who is credited with saying,
"Let food be your MEDICINE and medicine be your FOOD"

Regardless of the condition you may have, you must remember that your healing is dependent on how well your body is nourished.

But these days, it might feel like you need a PhD in nutrition and biochemistry to figure it all out. Especially after all the misinformation that been promoted by food manufactures, diet book gurus, even our government! (Remember in the '80's when ketchup and french fries counted as vegetables for our school children?)

And even if you THINK you're eating a healthful diet, chances are you've gotten tripped up without even realizing it...

But there is hope! We are dedicated to providing you with the information and services you need to get better faster and to live the healthful life you deserve.

On June 1, 2010 we will be offering our acclaimed holistic nutritional healing series. This program is so comprehensive and can facilitate healing on so many levels I wanted to name it, "The World's Best Holistic Nutritional Healing Program Designed To Slim You Down, Rev Your Energy Up, Boost Your Immune System, Overhaul Your Digestive System, Clear Your Mind, Improve Your Mood, and Make You Feel Like a Million Bucks!"

Sadly, the powers that be vetoed this and gave me the look. You know which one I'm talking about... the "keep it simple stupid" look.

All jokes aside, we settled on "Weight Loss For Tired People" but don't be fooled. It's about a lot more than slimming down and getting your energy back.

And best yet.... I can exclusively offer NIHA patients a huge discount the general public will not receive, by giving you LAST YEAR'S prices!!



Eve Colantoni is a certified health counselor at National Integrated Health Associates, NIHA, an integrative medical and dental center serving the Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia metropolitan area, and founder and director of the Weight Loss for Tired People Nutrition Program.  

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