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12 Must See Life Changing Stories from The Raw Food Institute

Posted by Lisa Wilson CHC on Wed, Sep 16, 2015

Hi, Lisa Wilson here.  Pinch me, this is my life.  

A decade ago, when I started health coaching, I had NO idea it would be so gratifying.  I launched The Raw Food Institute 6 years ago, and we have quickly grown to an international destination.  People fly in from around the globe to join our community and transform their lives.  Why?  Because raw food works, and the proof is in the chia, cacao, and avocado pudding! Seriously, it is in the testimonials from people just like you. I put several here but there are dozens more.  People are implementing these techniques into their lives and yes, it works.

You can register here for the Washington, D.C. Raw Food Bootcamp at NIHA.

Enjoy the following stories of personal transformation from people around the globe.

When I arrived at the Raw Food Institute Immersion Week I didn’t really know what to expect besides the 11705353_10152977076337322_7426976458944889787_nfact that I was going to learn so much…and I did! The week experience was life changing, transforming. I had the chance to experience living raw hands on. Classes were full of valuable information, and the interaction with other members was a gift. I returned home amazed at how good I felt. I have kept practicing my learnings and am now following the RFI 12 Week Educator Program. My life has improved in a lot of ways. I am eating much healthier...I was eating “healthy" but I realize I can always move a step forward. I also came home empowered and much more clear about my vision. With ideas to implement and feeling sure that choosing health is the right path for me. I find Lisa to be a wonderful professional and person. I admire her knowledge and warmth and I admire her as a loving, caring, patient and active mother. I’m very happy for having given myself the chance to go and will continue on my own journey towards a better and healthier life. Sandra C.  2015, Lima, Perú

The April Raw Food Institute was truly an immersion into raw food living. It was a wonderful and effective way to learn what a raw food lifestyle consists of and how to implement it in one’s life.  There was absolutely no pressure on participants to become 100% raw yet there was a quality of seduction into that world because we were catered to so beautifully and the food was so attractive, abundant and delicious.  I left there knowing I had the knowledge, basic skills and support to implement many healthy improvements to my diet and well being (and that of my clients).  Lisa was amazingly knowledgeable, passionate, caring and fun. The volunteer support staff was also great. I would recommend this experience to anyone who is wanting and willing to upgrade their health and that of their loved ones  — whether dealing with a health crisis or simply from being aware of the potential problems of the typical modern eating habits.Susi R. RN, M.Div., Certified cancer coach 

I'm so glad I went to the Raw Food Institute! It was a physical, spiritual and emotional detox for me and I left there feeling energized, renewed and excited to implement the things I learned in my new lifestyle. The education was superb, the speakers are fantastic and Lisa Wilson is a rock star! Highly recommended! Marianna K., Florida 2015


RFI_testimon2-1I must tell you again how grateful I am, I'm so glad I did the retreat in March, a lot of learning and sharing my experience.  I completed the Marine Corp half Marathon today, it was different this round because I never took a gel shot or drank that deadly Gatorade that they give you during the run. I drank only the water this time, back in March I was again 90% processed vegan before RFI.  I drank Gatorade at every stop, I took so many gel shots to get to the finish line, I couldn't even drive myself home because my muscles just shut down. What's different about this time? I juiced cucumber, wheatgrass, took RFI supplements and you know the rest the day before.  Not only did I finish strong, there were more and twice as many hills to climb. I beat my coach's time, I drove myself home for 2 hours, went to visit my 98 year old vegetarian Aunt to share the victory with her, and I can walk without soreness. I want to again alert and share with anyone you must do this retreat, if you are second guessing this RFI retreat, please don't! I'm a living testimony, diabetes and high cholesterol free at age 49. Thank you, thank you, thank you Lisa Wilson for your vision. See you in August to volunteer. Jay J. 2015, Maryland

Our experience at The Raw Food Institute improved our energy levels, sleeping patterns, and overall health. We each lost 10 pounds on our journey too! There was amazing food, abundant workshops and classes, and the staff and attendees were beyond inspiring. We have implemented a number of things that we learned during the immersion (juicing, dehydrating, fermenting, sprouting, reading labels more thoroughly, advocating against chemical trespass, just to name a few!) We recommend this retreat to everyone!Andrew L.& Emily S.Husband and Wife, January 2015

Attending the Raw Food Institute Immersion was one of the best decisions I have ever made! It was a big 11949499_481120232075886_8434112931290168822_ndecision that I deliberated long and hard over -- as a working mother it meant using a week of my vacation time entirely for myself, which in turn means one whole less week of being with my children this year; it meant spending money on something just for me. But the experience was so life-affirming and so rewarding, and empowered me with so much information to take home and share that in the end it benefited my family and friends almost as much as it did me! Shelby R. 2015, Connecticut





This nutrition program has literally saved my life. Peter G.

I signed up for the week class I had no idea what to expect; my goal was to gain more insight into raw foods. Little did I know I was going to gain so much more. This was a pivotal week for me to the point where it was a mind, body, soul transformation. Clear clarity of what I was truly learning and absorbing was priceless. Everyone from the volunteers to the instructors to the staff at the Inn were far superior. I immediately knew this is something I want to live and breath and educate the planet on! If you are thinking about this, just do it, your cells will love you for it!! Kim B. 2015, Maryland

The Raw Food Institute is simply exceptional. The lectures are packed with shocking and undeniable research in natural remedies including; green juice therapy, cultured foods, medicinal raw foods, supplements, and way MORE!  The classes are so powerful, you immediately feel the energy and vibration in the room. Lisa Wilson is a top notch researcher and a warrior on the front lines of cancer prevention and healing. The knowledge you gain during a retreat is life's like finding a treasure every human being is in pursuit and happiness.Thanks to Lisa and her amazing team, I have discovered a "pearl".    Jennifer N., Wakefield MA

My experience at the Raw Food Institute cannot be summed up in just one word and I can guarantee that the people who attended the RFI with me in March 2015 would agree.  Our individual quest to experience something new and beneficial brought us together to share 7 days of incredible learning, amazing food, and an increased love of and respect for ones life.  The experience was powerful for me because I reconnected with myself on all levels, mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and not superficially, but on a real cellular level.  I was reminded of things I knew but forgot, I learned new and exciting things many of which are simple to incorporate into my daily life, and other things that I have put on my personal to do list. I was re-motivated, reenergized and literally danced my way to my car on the last day.  My recommendation is simple, go for it! You won’t be disappointed.XO Rhonda Tayloe C.


When my friend Suysel and I arrived at the Raw Food Institute for a week long raw food experience, we unnamed-18were really excited to learn several raw food techniques to replicate at home.   I was so grateful that she was willing to join me.  Both of us were on a mission to investigate ways to avoid the fate of both of our family’s medical history of early onset dementia.

Since I had already adopted a diet free of wheat, dairy or caffeine and have eaten 50% raw for the last few years, I was expecting an opportunity to relax.  I anticipated weight loss, but not necessarily enough for my measurements to significantly change (I am a fit size 4).

After a phenomenal week of drinking unlimited green juice all morning, and eating raw lunches and raw dinners (I usually ate two plates of lunch and two plates of dinner), I lost 5 pounds, and felt super strong and healthy.  All of the food came from an organic, local farm and was absolutely delicious.   The only fat we had derived from avocados, almonds, hemp seeds and coconut. (It’s important to note that we had no sugar whatsoever until the 6th day).  However, the most extraordinary change for me was that I lost three inches around my waist, and three inches at the top of my legs, just under my seat (places we have all been post-baby exercising for years).  I am convinced that the 100% raw program literally shrunk my fat cells.  Even my arm circumference was reduced by a half of an inch.  

I am truly amazed at the education we garnered and the results we as a group achieved in just seven days.   Lisa Wilson and her team of practitioners taught us an extraordinary amount of information in record time.  We learned how to make green juice, wheatgrass juice, sprouting techniques, nut milks, and raw desserts, which I expected.  However, we also learned several cancer prevention techniques, the history of food politics United States, proper food combining, and the benefits of using supplements.  We were introduced to relaxation and healing practices such as Reflexology, Biontology, Auricular Therapy and Qi Gong.  It was an inspiring week and I returned home with a wealth of resources that were beyond my expectations.   I loved my week at the Raw Food Institute which I now call RAWHAB.  If you decide to go, don’t forget your dental floss! Thank you all so much. Laura W. 2015 New York, NY