Schedule with a Detox-Literate Health Coach for Rejuvenation & Detoxification!

Meet with a health coach to create an individualized plan to guide you through the essential steps of cleansing and detoxification the FIVE MAIN ORGANS OF ELIMINATION: digestive system/colon, liver, skin, lymphatic system and kidneys in order to balance and restore your health.

The health coach will educate you and create a plan to address:

  • Sources of toxins and how to minimize the impact on your body
  • What you can do at home to get started now on internal cleansing such as skin brushing, oil pulling, dietary changes, increasing hydration, drainage remedies, liver cleanse and much more!
  • Your personal goals based on your health history and health challenges
  • What symptoms are common during the actual detoxification process 
  • Which rejuvenating spa therapies may be best for you and how to prepare
  • Which supplements to take and when to take them 
  • What results to expect in the short term and long term

Most of all, a health coach will be there to educate, support, encourage and motivate you on your health journey.