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What is holistic women's health, really?

Posted by admin on Tue, Apr 13, 2010

by Cathy Scoblionko NP

Having been a primary care provider for many years with women's health at the forefront of what I do every day I decided to think about what it means.

Everyone knows what women's health is, don't we?

However, the quick answer that we think of includes the basic extras from the general examination like the pap smear, breast exam, and mammogram. Studies have now shown that we experience heart disease with different symptoms than the males of our species so we can throw that in to the mix as well. Oh, and bio-identical hormones. Let's not forget the family caregiver role for the older and younger generations. I realized that women's health is often thought of in pieces rather than holistically. So, what is holistic women's health? Looking through the Google hits, I found plenty of definitions for holistic health but none that addressed the feminine aspect of women's health. 

The Wisdom of Women

Holistic women's health goes beyond "treating the whole person mind, body, and spirit". There is something about the feminine connection, the unsaid knowledge and wisdom that are understood only by women. It is rarely spoken of out loud but we know it is there. It is not taught to our daughters, it is innately there. Women have a need to share and spend time with other women. That charges up our spirits and souls. Notice how you feel when that is denied to you by time restraints or other issues.

Women need to connect, share, and laugh and you will feel better -even if you feel well now.

Some links to holistic health definitions:


Cathlene Scoblionko NP, is a Masters prepared Board Certified Adult Nurse Practitioner (ANP-BC) at National Integrated Health Associates, NIHA, an integrative medicine and dental center serving the Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia metropolitan area. Her areas of specialty are holistic primary care, women's health, and anti-aging.

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